Saturday, September 15, 2007

Small Bits of News

Man Arrested For Breast Pump Thefts
Police in a Minneapolis suburb are investigating several Target store robberies after catching man with several pricey breast pumps in his possession.
Steven Shane Uman, 40, of Dallas, was stopped at the Eden Prairie, Minn., Target store last week after an employee allegedly saw him remove a bar code label from a breast pump retailing for $249.99, replacing it with a fake label so $34.99 rang up, the St. Paul Pioneer Press reported Friday.
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Man Steals Car To Turn Himself In
A western New York man faces grand larceny charges after being pulled over in a car that he said he stole so he could turn himself in on another charge.
Ontario County sheriff's deputies say they pulled over Vincent Estrada Junior, 29, and found that the car he was driving had recently been stolen from a parking lot.
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Man Calls 911, Complains To Police His Pot Was Stolen
A man who told police marijuana and liquor were stolen from his home was arrested Wednesday after he repeatedly called 911 and cussed at a dispatcher.
Patrick Darnell Hunt, 39, told police he returned home after spending four days in jail to find his house broken into. Among the items Hunt told police were stolen included three TVs and three DVD players as well as a half-pound of marijuana and liquor.
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