Friday, October 26, 2007

Money Pubs: Home of the World's Most Expensive Wallpaper

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Everyone wants to open a bar. Financially it is one of the worst investments you could ever make, but the cool factor is off the charts. If you really want to make money in the saloon industry I suggest the "money on the wall" theme. The money on the wall theme is to have every patron in the bar write something stupid on a dollar bill and tack it on the wall. After several years you can build up 10's of thousands of dollars of assets and the theft rate is unbelievable low. Below are some of the best Money Pubs in the US and some unbelievable photos.

No Name Pub: Started in 1931 in Big Pine Key, FL as a general store, bait and tackle shop. In 1936 the store added a room and started serving food and beer. In the 40's the store added a Brothel but it soon closed because "the fishermen were better looking than the girls". In the 70's and 80's the Keys hit their prime because of Jimmy Buffet popularity. With that came people and their money (lots of funny money flowing through the keys back then) and that money started being put on the walls, dollar bill by dollar bill. Thirty years have gone by and the results are the pictures you see below. They estimate there is over $750,000 in singles hanging on the walls and from the ceiling.

McGuire's Irish Pub: Really more of a steak house than a pub, McGuire's opened their first pub in Pensacola Florida in 1977. The story goes that Molly, the first waitress, took her first dollar tip and tacked it on the wall. Since then, there has been over $550,000 in dollar bills stuck on the walls and ceiling next to that tip.

Oatman Hotel: Yes this is not a pub, but many a beer has been had at the Oatman. The hotel was built in 1910 started doing brisk business in 1915 when two miners discovered $10 million in gold in Oatman. After the gold rush and 3 fires the hotel just barely survived until route 66 was built nearby. The Hotel has remained a tourist attraction ever since. Many believe the hotel is haunted but that just brings in more visitors. And nobody seems to know why, but those visitors each seem to leave a dollar bill behind with their name and where they're from.

Tortilla Flat Saloon: Tortilla Flat, AZ has a population of 6 and one of the craziest pubs/eatery you'll see. How can you not love a place decorated in dollar bills with a pre plastic Kenny Rogers dressed as "The Gambler". The bar stools are saddles and

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