Sunday, November 25, 2007

Small Bits of News

Homeless Man Found Living In Underground Home
A homeless contractor known as the "mole man" dug a multi-room 200-square foot home underground in Fresno that surprised police when they recently stumbled upon a hidden entrance.
IMAGES: Mole Man Live Underground
Police said Bruce Tracy dug the underground home in an area near Roeding Park in Fresno. The home had a bed, a leak-proof roof, a kitchen and escape hatch.
Tracy said it took him about 2 months with a shovel and other tools to carve out the underground rooms.
The state said it is a danger to people living nearby and plan to demolish it.
Tracy said it is no big deal and he is already looking for a new location for his next underground home. Tracy said he has built several underground homes.

Sex Freak
Sandy Wong gets turned on by expensive and classic cars, motorcycles and women with big feet and really likes to expose himself in public. Unfortunately, the 45-year-old Edmonton man's sexual deviancy has led to him "pleasuring" himself while sitting on the roof of cars, including a BMW on display at the Home and Garden Show at the Northlands AgriCom.
Court heard Wong was observed checking out three BMW vehicles on display at the Home and Garden Show on March 22. Then, he was seen sitting on the roof of a 2007 BMW 328i sedan, valued at $50,000. Shortly after that, Wong had dropped his sweatpants to his ankles and was spotted masturbating while sitting with his legs dangling over the driver's door window. Security eventually detained Wong until police showed up and a cleanup crew had to wash down the BMW.

Granny banned from sweet (candy) handouts
A grandmother has been banned from giving sweets to her grandchildren after a court heard they had suffered dental problems. The grandmother, known as EM, launched a legal battle against her own daughter over access to the four children. Perth Sheriff Court was told EM would often bring two carrier bags of sweets with her on visits. Sheriff Daniel Kelly QC granted the grandmother one visit a month on the condition she did not give them sweets.

Indian worker wins accent claim
A Northampton man of Indian origin sent home early from a work trip to India because he was not "English enough" has won a racial discrimination claim.


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