Friday, January 25, 2008

Living Large in Miami, LA, and where ever else

Everybody knows that Shaquille O'Neal is paid $20 million a year by the Miami Heat. But where does all that money go? Thanks to his pending divorce, Shaq's monthly budget is now on the public record -- "Extra" has dug up the financial affidavit of the divorce papers.
Try to wrap your head around these numbers -- on a monthly basis, Shaq spends:
· $24,300 at the gas station filling up
· $17,220 on clothes
· $6,730 on laundry and dry cleaning
· $2,305 on pet care
· $1,620 on music and magazines
· $1,495 on cable television.
You want to know the favorite?
The $114,946 that's listed as "miscellaneous (personal)" -- you know, walking around money, pocket change so you're never left without something to feed the meter or, I don't know, buy a new car or two without writing a check. (And just think how much money he'll spend now that he has all this free time over the next couple of weeks!)
But when you're living this large, it's not all fun -- the guy also pays $75,261 in property tax alone, which I guess is what you'd expect from a 20,000 square foot mansion on the water.

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