Friday, July 4, 2008

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know you Needed

Teen going to jail for blowing pot into puppy's face
Marijuana fumes made stolen $1,500 Pomeranian pass out
A judge has ordered a 60-day jail sentence for an Illinois 19-year-old accused of stealing a $1,500 Pomeranian puppy and blowing marijuana smoke into its face until it passed out.
In sentencing Emanuel Lopez on Wednesday, DuPage County Judge John Kinsella said only the bottom rung of humanity abuses animals for their amusement.
Lopez pleaded guilty in May to stealing the puppy on March 21 from a Petland store in Naperville. The dog was returned to the store three days later and has since been adopted.
Kinsella also placed Lopez on 30 months' probation and said he will be subjected to frequent drug testing.
Job hotline was sex line
Looking for work in all the wrong places?
That's what happened to job seekers who dialed a phone number listed on the state's Family Health Administration's Web site - which actually was a phone number for women looking for sex.
The number for the Maryland Job Service Hotline was listed incorrectly on the state Web site, as well as in the Verizon Yellow Pages and other Web sites. State officials say they are aware of the problem and are working to correct it.
Man arrested after calling cops on stolen cell phone
A Duluth man is under arrest after he called police on a cell phone from a purse he had just allegedly snatched. Police arrested the 29-year-old man on Wednesday.
They said he approached a woman at a pool hall shortly after midnight and asked for a cigarette, then grabbed the purse as she was opening it and ran off.
Less than 90 minutes later, the suspect called police on the woman's cell phone to say he had been jumped. Police Sgt. Don Boso said it appeared to the arresting officer that the man had not been jumped but rather was intoxicated and wanted a ride home.
The woman identified the suspect as the person who stole her purse.
Dad Admits to Locking His Daughters in Cage
A suburban Chicago man admitted he locked his two little girls in a wire cage hidden in the back of his pickup truck, police said.
Ricardo Gonzalez of Midlothian was arrested Monday after a woman at a gas station in Posen heard a crying child and spotted him pushing small hands back into a cage, police said.
"She didn't think this was right and notified police right away," Posen Deputy Police Chief Vickie Paggi told the Chicago Tribune.
Gonzalez was taken into custody before leaving the gas station.
Thou Shall Not Swear
A clamping company has introduced a £100 "swear charge" on victims who vent their fury at attendants.
Bulldog Services, which patrols the car park of retailer Comet in Bath, Somerset is levying the "abusive behavior" fee on top of its £125 release cost.
The RAC Foundation said the firm was taking advantage of the "difficult and tense" situation to make a profit - but added there was nothing in law to stop the practice.
One couple, who did not wish to be named, said they were ordered to pay the fine when the husband swore once at discovering the wheel clamp.
There’s Gold In Them Hills
Vast reserves of gold discovered in Irish hills
Not many people have heard of the village of Clontibret, tucked away amid the rolling hills of Ireland's County Monaghan.
But for the village population of just over 300, that is all about to change.
Yesterday a mining company announced that Clontibret is to become Ireland's Klondyke after a major gold find in the area that could be the largest anywhere in the British Isles.
Conroy Diamonds and Gold issued a formal announcement to the London Stock Exchange that an area just outside the village has more than 1million ounces of gold.
With precious metal prices soaring in these times of global economic instability, the exploration company estimated that the gold deposits could be worth up to £450m.
Boy steals police car, patrols, returns it
In an impressive display of missing the point, a 13-year-old with an interest in law enforcement stole a police cruiser and took it out to do some patrolling, according to authorities. Then he did it again.
The incidents happened in Dillon, a small South Carolina town near the North Carolina border.
The boy's mother saw him bring the car home both times but didn't see anything wrong with the joyrides, Police Sgt. Jason Turner said.
The boy, who was charged with larceny and second-degree burglary, was not identified because of his age. He remained in Department of Juvenile Justice custody Wednesday.
His mother, Patricia Gillespie, was charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor. She was released on $5,000 bond.
Turner said residents called police on Sunday to say they'd seen the boy driving a police car. He said the boy also took the cruiser the previous Sunday and drove it around before returning it to the station. In a true 'that's some fine police work there, Lou' moment, none of the officers noticed it was missing.
The boy apparently watched someone enter a code to get into the department, then used it to get in and take the keys to the cruiser.
So he gained access to the station, stole a patrol car, patrolled a bit and returned it, all without the police noticing - twice. The only reason he was caught was because a neighbor reported him.

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