Wednesday, December 31, 2008

LYAO Commercial

The Wunder Boner.
Aired several years ago late night on OLN. Yes, It's 100% REAL!
Anonymous said...
This was Done on Attack of the Show.
You steal alot of Your material.~Dak Rockson
No I don't so call "Steal" material.
How much more do you want it has a "YouTube" right on the video.
And for news stories there is a "Hyperlink" in "Blue."
For the pictures they are also "Hyperlink" just click on them.
They maybe a few that doesn't have a link but every blog has them.
I have been on several blogs that don't have a single link so go after them.
On my header it says "Short and Simple" that also means no clutter.
If you haven't notice there are no advertising on this blog.
Derek said...
It's not stealing- it's gathering different things from the internet and putting it together for us to view. Keep up the good work. I visit every day.
Derek Toronto, Canada

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