Sunday, May 17, 2009

Girl’s Yearbook Crotch Shot UpDate

Sickles Highschool Flasher Not So Innocent
Mother of Yearbook Flasher Caught Hosting Underage Drinking & Dope Parties
In connection with my previous post Now there's a memory... about the female student who didn’t wear panties for her highschool yearbook photo in which her genitals were published.
NEW PHOTOS come to light showing the panty-less daughter's mother smoking dope and drinking with underage kids at a party she apparently hosted.



Anonymous said...

They're not smoking pot you idiot! Those are hookahs and I am 99% sure they're smoking shisha out of them. Dispite what the ignorant American public wants to believe, hookahs are not very effective for the use of smoking pot. Educate yourself on the Mideastern history of hookah smoking before you make an insulting post like this.

Anonymous said...

Hookah's are just as bad. More carcinogens than a cigarette, just like marijuana. Either way, she's encouraging an activity for minors. They should at least wait until they are 18 or 21 to start being retarded, brainless, bitches who feel the need to smoke ANYTHING at all. You lose, smoker.