Friday, June 12, 2009

The 7ft. Burglar that Ran But Couldn’t Hide

At 7ft 4in tall, Christopher Lister doesn’t have the best of physiques to be a successful burglar.
Yet the instantly recognisable 21-year-old decided to burgle a house in daylight.
His intended victims lived just yards from his home and everyone knows the ungainly human skyscraper nicknamed "Stretch".
As he and two pals attempted to load a £1,800 plasma TV into their getaway van he was easily spotted.
The van got stuck, forcing them to run off empty-handed.
Given Lister’s distinctive description, police arrested him moments later and he is now Britain’s tallest prisoner after being jailed for 11 months.
Lister talked on TV about his height two years ago in a documentary about Britain’s tallest teens


Anonymous said...

I'll stand beside you on a step ladder.

The Man said...

What a idiot robbing his neighbors house.
It's like saying come and arrest my ass.