Tuesday, June 2, 2009

800 Britons Waiting to Die

Record numbers of Britons who are suffering from terminal illnesses are queueing up for assisted suicide at the controversial Swiss clinic Dignitas, the Observer can reveal.
Almost 800 have taken the first step to taking their lives by becoming members of Dignitas, and 34 men and women, who feel their suffering has become unbearable, are ready to travel to Zurich and take a lethal drug overdose.
The tenfold increase in the number of Britons who have joined Dignitas since 2002 will raise questions about the law that bans assisted suicide in Britain.
On Tuesday, 46-year-old Debbie Purdy, who suffers from progressive multiple sclerosis, will go to the House of Lords, the UK's highest court, asking it to determine whether her husband Omar Puente will be prosecuted if he helps her to travel abroad to die.


Tim said...

The joys of socialized medicine--coming to America.

Anonymous said...

I hope so. Our current system puts huge corporations over the health of our people. I HAVE health insurance and I cannot afford to pay for treatments!

Our schools, fire departments and libraries are socialized. Why not our health?