Monday, June 8, 2009

NJ Man beaten and arrested for having an unzipped jacket

There was a rally against police brutality in Passaic, New Jersey. It follows Friday's release of a surveillance videotape showing a police officer beating a man outside a bar in Passaic.
The man is Ronnie Holloway and he was badly beaten back on May 29.
Holloway and another woman, claiming the same officer beat her, were at Saturday's rally.
The protestors say the case of Ronnie Holloway is just too much to ignore.
"If my son was in the wrong it would be one thing, but he wasn't doing a thing," Betty Holloway, Ronnie Holloway's mother said.
A surveillance tape just happened to capture the whole thing.
It showed a cop getting out of his car and getting more than a little rough with a man standing on a street corner.
"I didn't know if I was going to see tomorrow at that point," Ronnie Holloway said.
Holloway, who says he has no police record, was arrested on charges of resisting arrest and wandering with the intent to buy drugs. He has filed a complaint and an Internal Affairs investigation is underway.

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Dan said...

Why ask him to zip his jacket?