Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saudi princess hides from a £15 million shopping bill

One of the most senior members of Saudi Arabia's royal family, Princess Maha al-Sudairi, is claiming diplomatic immunity in France after running up unpaid shopping bills of more than £15 million including £60,000 on designer lingerie.
She has ignored her furious debtors and locked herself in her £2,500-a-night suite at the George V Hotel in Paris.
When a royal aide was approached about settling the underwear bill he replied: "I'm afraid we can't go around settling bills for the Princess's undergarments."
Princess Maha, whose husband, Prince Nayef, is interior minister and second-in-line to the Saudi throne, is said to have spent millions on designer clothes, jewels and other luxury products in the French capital over the past year. Her weekly dry cleaning bill alone was said to be £30,000.
Every time the Princess and her entourage visited a shop a representative would offer staff an embossed document stating "Payment to Follow".



The Man said...

£15 million is just pocket money for her. Why did she try to skip out of paying for the goods?

Anon Y. Mous said...

Because she's a rich bee-och, who thinks she owns the world and can do what she pleases. Case in point: Claiming diplomatic immunity when presented with the bill for these items.

Tina Ambani said...

And whatelse do you expect. they all think that they're above the law. and yes, take that diplomatic bull and throw it out the window. nail one of them and make them pay, the rest will fall in line!

Anonymous said...

Just to show everyone, not All ROYALS have Dignity, Poise, Class and Manners!
Stupid stores as well.. you guys should know who royalty should be trusted esp like this con "princess" who had previous unsettled debts. No payment, no goods regardless if you are a Royal!