Monday, August 10, 2009

Noooooooooo!! Not My Willie!

Death of a penis: the story of your incredibly shrinking manhood

If you’re a proud penis owner, you may not want to read this. A recent article by David Freeman of webmd, laid out the skinny on what happens to a penis with age. Here’s a hint: it doesn’t double in size or develop superhuman strength.
With age, most penises, and their owners, suffer from a decline in testosterone. This means more stimuli is required for arousal, it takes longer to get an erection, it’s harder to reach climax, and it takes more time to become aroused after sex. These effects are compounded by a loss of sensitivity, which transforms the member from the emotional and easily excited penis you once adored, to an unfeeling, useless lump.
In men’s 60s and 70s, the penis shrinks in every way imaginable, most noticeably in its standing stature. Losing half to a full inch in length is common. One of the main reasons for this is impaired blood flow, which also accounts for the reduction in the dignified purplish color of the penis’s battle helmet.


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