Monday, November 30, 2009

Tiny Gecko Found Inside Chicken Egg

Cook finds gecko in chook egg
Dr Peter Beaumont, 60, was cooking Thai fishcakes for dinner when he found a fully formed gecko inside an egg shell. He believes the discovery may be a world first and may help solve a food poisoning puzzle.

"I was cracking the eggs into a pan when I noticed one of them was all cloudy.

"I looked at the shell and saw a tiny gecko.''

Dr Beaumont said the lizard had not got into the shell after he had discarded it because the reptile was embedded between the inner-shell and the egg's membrane.

He said the gecko may have crawled into the chicken to feast on an embryo -- and got stuck.
The egg then formed around the lizard.


Gerry said...

Notice the white leathery envelope outside the shell???

It's NOT a chicken egg....

The Man said...

Gerry, I do hyperlink the picture to the story alot of the time.