Thursday, February 11, 2010

Why do Idiot’s Always Return to the Scene of the Crime?

Don't try to place dog poop on the front porch of your neighbor.
That little stunt has landed Andrew Charles Donahue, 18 in deep doo-doo in Greeley.
Donahue, was booked early Sunday after he was caught red-handed with a bag of dog poop and matches headed for the front porch of Wayne Pickens
Early Sunday, Pickens said he called the cops on his neighbors - a bunch of university students who were partying too loud for Pickens liking.
Then, at 4:30 a.m. Sunday, someone rang Pickens' doorbell. When he went to the front door, Pickens saw his Sunday Denver Post ablaze on his front porch.
He extinguished the burning newspaper.
Pickens thought the pranksters might be back although he "assumed they weren't going to be that stupid."
He waited in ambush in his yard just in case.
Next door, he said, he could see the young men. A couple of guys were in the house, and two more were in the front yard with a flashlight picking up dog poop and putting it in a bag.
When they headed over to his house and were about to light the bag of poop, Pickens pounced. His wife - who had already called the cops - was snapping pictures.

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