Sunday, March 13, 2011

Chicken lays bowling-pin shaped egg

A man in China was amazed when his chicken laid a bowling-pin shaped egg.
Zhang Yunfeng, 75, from Jize in northern China’s Hebei Province, heard one of his ten hens clucking and rushed to the scene.
He explained: ‘When I arrived I saw she produce a bowling-pin shaped egg. It's the first time I saw such a weird shaped egg.’
It might be the first time Mr Yunfeng has such an egg, but here at Metro we’ve seen it all before.
In March last year a mother of three from Northamptonshire, 43-year-old Natalie Wiltshire, was equally shocked when one of her chickens laid an incredibly similar egg.
At the time she said: ‘I’ve done a bit of research and there’s nothing to suggest you should ever get eggs in this shape.’
But with the appearance of another bowling-pin egg, is the phenomenon perhaps more common than we might think?
Experts have claimed many things can lead to strange shaped eggs, including ovulation problems, hormonal imbalances and eating the wrong kind of food.
So keep your eyes peeled, eight more and we’ve got ourselves a game.

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