Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Did you know “Your Cocaine May Have Been…….?”

In A Cars Gas Tank
Nearly 50 pounds of cocaine with an estimated street value of more than $1.4 million were found in a car's gas tank at a southern Arizona border checkpoint.
During a search of the vehicle at an I-19 checkpoint north of Nogales on March 10, officers found 19 bundles of cocaine inside the gas tank, which had been modified with a trap door. A canine team initially had detected the drugs, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection.
The driver, who has not yet been identified, was taken into custody.
Up Your Dealer's Butt
That crack you’re smoking was likely secreted at some point in a dealer’s ass.
Marcel Foster, 23, was arrested following a traffic stop in South Carolina. According to a Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office report, a deputy spotted a “leafy substance” on the floor of Foster’s car. He also detected a “strong odor of cologne.”
A subsequent check of the vehicle turned up two bags of marijuana, while a search of Foster yielded $1757 in his pants pocket. Foster was arrested, handcuffed, and transferred to the county detention facility.
At the lockup, Foster was "Strip Searched" and jailers found a large white rock like substance inside of a clear bag in his butt which is a favored storage place for street dealers.

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