Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Man finds cockroach entombed in cough lozenge

Australian Glenn Franks got a nasty surprise when he tried to soothe his sore throat but found a cockroach in his Nestle cough sweet.
It was a lucky escape for the 37-year-old who was almost left with a horrible taste to swallow after buying the sweets with a dead roach inside from a Sydney convenience store.
The dead pest was preserved like an ancient bug in amber, embedded in one of the Nestle Butter Menthol drops.
'I was about to put it into my mouth when I saw it,' said Mr. Franks.
'I went straight back into the store and showed the guy I bought if off just to make sure.'
The unlucky customer made a call to Nestle who asked him not to go to the media and offered a 'modest' amount of money.
A spokesperson for Nestle said that the food company was concerned about the discovery and wished to obtain the cough sweet for testing.

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