Monday, April 18, 2011

Yellow lines to show pedestrians where to walk

Yellow lines are normally used to stop motorists parking on the road - but now they have been painted on a pavement in a town center to show pedestrians where to walk.

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Two lines stretch for 100m (328ft) down a high street. Other yellow lines have been painted around trees, a post box and cash points.
The path has caused confusion for residents in Ripple Road, Barking, east London, who cannot see the point of it.
‘We have all managed until now to walk along the path without tripping over things in the way, so why do we suddenly need guidelines?’ said 49-year-old Martin Harris. ‘It’s completely over the top and another sign of health and safety gone mad.’
Sarah Waldram, 32, added: ‘I’ve never seen anyone bump into a post box, why do we need yellow lines to show us the way?’
A Barking and Dagenham Council spokesman said the lines provided ‘a marked walk-through’ and a decision on whether to keep them would be made within three months.


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