Sunday, May 22, 2011

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know You Needed

Hay prank closes school 4 days
Officials in Durango, Colo. say an extremely effective senior prank has managed to cancel classes for four straight days at southwestern Colorado high school.
Pranksters spread over 30 bales of hay around Durango High School's common areas. School was canceled again Thursday as cleanup swept and dusted the debris left behind. The cleaning expenses are expected to top $100,000.
School officials say hay is one of the worst things you can bring into a building because of the respiratory problems it causes in enclosed spaces. Several employees have sought medical attention after reporting respiratory discomfort.
Air quality tests show mold spore counts from the hay were four times higher than recommended levels. Officials are awaiting a second round of test results before deciding whether to resume classes.
Bill for Ferrari wrecked by FBI agent: $750,000
An FBI agent wrecks a rare Ferrari during a short ride in Kentucky, and the U.S. Justice Department is refusing to pay $750,000 to a Michigan insurance company that owns it.
In a recent court filing in Detroit, the government says it's immune to tort claims when certain goods are in the hands of law enforcement.
The 1995 Ferrari F50 was being stored in Lexington, Ky., as part of an investigation of stolen vehicles. A prosecutor says he was invited by an FBI agent to take a ride in May 2009. He says the agent lost control, and the car landed against bushes and a small tree.
Motors Insurance Co. is suing the government, saying the Ferrari is a total loss. The next court hearing is June 13 in Detroit.
Woman flees jail by kicking hole in wall
The Garrett County sheriff says an inmate escaped from jail by kicking a hole through a wall.
Sheriff Rob Corley explained how 31-year-old Alisa Shafer of Friendsville escaped Thursday afternoon. Deputies apprehended her that evening.
Corley says Shafer kicked a hole through the half-inch drywall of a bathroom to escape from a holding area into the jail lobby. He says neither cameras nor correctional officers observed her as she turned her black-and-white-striped jail outfit inside-out and fled.
Corley says blueprints for the holding area do not specify such flimsy material. He says the poor construction is inexcusable.
Shafer had been arrested earlier on a second-degree assault charge. Corley says no employees were at fault in the episode.
Warning: This is not family entertainment.
EXXXOTICA Expo, the annual sex toy/adult video/porn star meet-and-greet show returned again for the sixth time on Saturday in Miami Beach, reports The Miami Herald.
The show features scantily-clad women, pole dancing demos, vibrator alarm clocks and cucumber-scented, environmentally-friendly “lovin’ wipes,’’ for ummm, well, you get the picture...
If you don't, here's more: The schedule includes a burlesque show, a fetish & kink performance by Rubberdol, bondage performance and Petty Things Peep Show.
There's also a Ms. EXXXOTICA Competition.
Girl injured dog with power screwdriver
A 13-year-old girl from Jensen Beach was arrested following accusations she "used" a cordless screwdriver on the family dog and scratched her mother, according to a report released.
The girl's mother told Martin County Sheriff's officials her daughter "used" the cordless screwdriver on the family dog, leaving a roughly one inch open wound, the sheriff's report states.
The mother said she tried to stop the girl from further injuring the dog, but she "kept laughing, thinking that it was funny that the dog was hurt."
The mother and daughter started to argue, and the girl said she was "'going to cut her,'" and "'rearrange her ugly face.'" The daughter is accused of scratching her mother. The mother said she's found knives and a BB gun hidden in her room in the past.
The mother asked if her daughter could be involuntarily committed for a mental health evaluation under the state's Baker Act.
Student drugged teacher over scolding
A 13-year-old Osceola County middle school student was booked into the a juvenile detention center without bond after he drugged his teacher's cup of coffee after she allegedly yelled at him in class.
The arrest report showed the 0.2 mg pill of clonidine — a medication prescribed for treating high-blood pressure or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) — caused Discovery Intermediate teacher Danielle Jones on Monday to become "nauseous, very thirsty and she couldn't keep her eyes open," according to the arrest report.
The boy said three students witnessed him drugging his teacher's coffee. The word quickly spread around the school.
Why did he do it?
He "wanted her to go to sleep," deputies said.
Road sign hacked: 'Live nudes ahead'
Delaware highway officials say a portable road-message sign was hacked to read "Live nudes ahead" instead of advising motorists about a coming road closure near Greenville.
Department of Transportation spokesperson Sandy Roumillat says the computerized sign is password-protected, but the contractor that owns the sign was using a password that was easy for his staff to remember, and apparently easy to guess. Roumillat says the password will be reset.

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