Saturday, June 18, 2011

Man imprisoned in box, because of his religion

Punished by his Canadian father and forced to live in a box for two months, a young man in Bolivia is finally released.
Seen through the cracks of the box he had been forced to live in for two months, 21-year-old Johan Knelsen quietly waited for police to rescue him.
Authorities said Johan's father David Knelsen - a Canadian - had locked his son in the box as a form of punishment.
The father told authorities that his son had stolen 3 chickens. Other local media reported that the young man was being punished for using a phone.
The family is part of a certain Mennonite denomination which strictly interprets the Bible and shuns the use of technology.
Speaking from with inside the wooden cage - which measured two by three meters (9.8 by 6.5 feet) - Johan showed police bottles he used to collect his urine.
"I ate and slept here. I did everything here. I ate and drank water and washed here."
Under orders by police, Johan's father opened the box and helped the young man to his feet, leaving once and for all the box crammed with pillows and urine-filled bottles.

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