Monday, June 27, 2011

Shark jumping over surfer becomes big hit

One surfer was merrily minding his own business riding some waves at Florida’s New Smyrna Beach when he got the shock of his life as a 1.2 meter or 3.5 feet long shark leapt over his head.
The scene was reminiscent of something from Jaws, but thankfully the shark didn’t make a meal of the innocent surfer.
While thousands flocked to YouTube to marvel at the sight, some were dubious that the shark was actually a shark – and thought it was a seal instead.
One user summed up the thoughts of many when they wrote: ‘Flying sharks... That's it we're f****d!’
The sea creature in the video is a spinner shark, and such behavior is perfectly normal and completely harmless – to humans anyway.
The Florida Museum of Natural History explained: ‘They swim swiftly up in a vertical position to swallow their prey while they spin. Often their momentum causes them to exit the water.’
Spinner sharks, highly valued by fisheries, are on the threatened species list.

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