Friday, June 17, 2011

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know You Needed

Damn, Wrong House
An escaped convict was caught following a day on the loose after he knocked on a cabin door - only to find out the man renting the lodge was an off-duty guard at the prison he just fled.
Authorities said 39-year-old James Edward Russell took off from the Washington state penitentiary Tuesday morning. Early the next day, Russell - still wearing his prison uniform - went to the cabin asking to use the phone, said Department of Corrections spokesperson Chad Lewis on Thursday.
After a scuffle, Russell ran off again, Lewis said. The guard, whose name was being withheld by authorities, reported the incident and Russell was caught a few hours later.
He had been serving time for forgery and theft.
Man, 83, touched a woman's breast during flight
An 83-year-old man from Reno, Nevada, is charged with assaulting a woman on board his private airplane as they flew to Minnesota.
Robert M. Lee was charged with one count of assault. Lee was charged in federal court because the alleged offense happened on board the plane.
Court documents say Lee was traveling to a hospital in Rochester while under the care of a paramedic and a registered nurse. When the paramedic helped Lee return to his seat, he allegedly grabbed and twisted her breast.
When the woman told Lee not to touch her, he allegedly replied, "I can do whatever I want. This is my airplane."
Man blames the 'boogeyman' for his crash
A Golden Gate Estates man accused of DUI and crashing his motorcycle says the "boogeyman" caused the wreck.
James Scarborough, 49, was arrested by Florida Highway Patrol officers at Physicians Regional Hospital.
Scarborough was found trapped underneath his motorcycle after crashing it into trees. He was taken to the hospital for minor injuries.
During questioning, the smell of alcohol from Scarborough’s breath was very strong. He said he was not in a car accident that day.
When officers asked him how he became stuck under his motorcycle, he told them that the "boogeyman" did it. He then told the officers they could not arrest him.
He was asked to complete a field sobriety test, which he refused several times, and then became combative with deputies. Medical staff said he earlier made threats that he was going to kill someone.
Scarborough was arrested on misdemeanor charges of DUI, resisting a law enforcement officer, refusal to submit DUI test, operating a motor vehicle without a valid license, and operating a motorcycle without a license.
It’s Not Your Card
An elderly lady’s family reunion was ruined when she and her daughter were hit with a bizarre £308 train ticket fine.
Great grandmother Susan Oliphant and daughter Sandra Holmes were traveling from Newcastle to Devon to see relatives who had flown in from around the globe.
A family member had bought the tickets as a gift and the pair was looking forward to seeing their relatives.
But problems began when they were confronted with an inspector on the train.
Susan, 79, and Sandra, 55, were told their tickets were not valid because they were not able to produce the credit card used to purchase them in Devon. The rule was spelled out in small print, they were told, and meant they were now liable for fines of £154 each.
Thou Shall Not Steal
After Jehovah's Witnesses witnessed a home burglary, deputies arrested two East Naples men accused of stealing more than $16,000 worth of items from a Golden Gate home.
Emanuel Olvera, 31, and Eugene N. Chanquet, 41, were arrested Wednesday by Collier County Sheriff's deputies. Olvera was arrested at home and Chanquet was arrested at a different address.
According to a Collier County Sheriff’s Office report:
A tip was received from a couple of Jehovah's Witnesses who said a residential burglary was occurring.
They said they witnessed two males walking from the back yard of the house with a large flat screen television and placed it into a red Cadillac.
When deputies arrived on scene, the suspects, had already fled the scene.
Luckily, a security system inside the home recorded the crime. The video revealed Olvera and Chanquet stealing a .22 caliber handgun, a diamond ring, an engagement ring, a Kodak camera, $4,000 worth of shoes, a large golf bag and a 42-inch flat screen TV.

Burglary Suspect Photographed Before and During the 'Act'
A burglary suspect was quickly identified by the victim of the crime because that night happened to be picture night, and there's a pretty clear shot of the suspect.  Now, police just have to find her.
According to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, early on the morning between 2 and 3 a.m., at Betty's Tavern, the DJ for karaoke night reported his vehicle had been burglarized.
Investigators learned that surveillance video captured the entire crime. The victim recognized the accused, a frequent customer, and offered a better picture.
By coincidence, karaoke performers that night had their pictures taken.
Detectives said the clear picture is that of 34-year-old Traci Lorraine Bullard as she performed. There is a warrant for her arrest.

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