Friday, June 24, 2011

Text to mom leads to LYAO arrest

Anthony Paul Burdeshaw wanted his mom to clean up his room and do the dishes. Unfortunately for the 33-year-old, the text message he used to convey his wishes led to his arrest, police said.
Narcotics investigators with the Bay County Sheriff’s Office were called to an abandoned barn at 7312 Penny Road and discovered the chemicals used to manufacture meth, officials wrote in a news release.
Burdeshaw lived next to the barn with his mom at 7304 Penny Road, officials wrote, but wasn’t home at the time. His mom was home and after she received a text message from her son she approached an investigator and asked him to help her open it.
The narcotics investigator complied, going so far as to read the electronic missive to Burdeshaw’s mother, officials wrote.
The message was: “Hey Mom can u go to my bedroom and get the glass bowl under the bed and wash it with water really good and don’t give the cops permission to search.”
Note: "Up Grade Mom" on Technology

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