Monday, July 11, 2011

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know You Needed

Man finds 'toenail in pizza'
Supermarket chain Asda has ordered an investigation into claims of a toenail being found in one of its pizzas.
Shereena Pengelly claims she was having dinner at her sister's house in Kemsley when her brother-in-law discovered the offending object in to the Chosen By You deep pan pepperoni pizza at.
"He took a mouthful and thought it was a bit of onion as you do sometimes get a tough bit. He picked it out and held it up and was like 'what's this?'
"It was absolutely disgusting. He was sick all night and the following day.
"It says on the box it's topped with spicy tomato sauce, creamy mozzarella and sliced pepperoni - it doesn't say anything about toenails.
Woman chops off her ex-husband's genitals
Karachi: An attempt by a Pakistani man to get in touch with his divorced wife ended in disaster as the woman chopped off his genitals in a city hotel.
Abid Pervaiz, 25, was lucky to have survived the attack, a doctor on duty said.
"He was brought to the Jinnah hospital in a bad shape with severe genital mutilation wounds. It is a miracle that the man had survived despite severe bleeding," doctor said.
According to Mehmoodabad police station's duty officer SI Mohammad Azeem, Abid hails from Sukkur and was living with some distant relatives.
He was divorced, but began communicating with his ex-wife again. The couple decided to meet again and hired a room at a city hotel, where the woman mixed some sleeping pills in his juice.
When Abid woke up, he discovered that his genitals had been cut off, Azeem said. 
"Abid told me that before he passed out completely, he heard his former wife speaking to someone on the phone, saying that she had carried out her plan," the officer said.
Man with tractor pushed sheriff car off his property
A Canadian man was charged with assault after he allegedly scooped up a sheriff's car with a forklift and carried it off his property, police said.
The Royal Canadian Mounted Police said Wilfred Doyle, 45, of St. Andrews also was charged with mischief and obstructing a police officer as well as assault with a deadly weapon after the run-in at his home last week.
The Mounties told the C.B.C. that the sheriff went to Doyle's place on Prince Edwards Island to serve him a court order. Doyle turned the routine process into a confrontation when he fired up his tractor, which was equipped with a forklift, and pushed the car out of his yard.
Doyle was released after spending a night in jail.

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