Saturday, July 16, 2011

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know You Needed

Man had to pay nearly $50K for stolen laptop
A man convicted of stealing a laptop from a Utah art professor will have to pay nearly $50,000 restitution for the time the professor spent reassembling Powerpoint files that were lost.
The Utah Court of Appeals denied an appeal Wednesday in the case of Michael J. Birkeland, who pleaded no contest in 2008 to stealing the laptop.
Birkeland had argued that he shouldn't have to pay for Utah Valley University professor Perry Stewart's labor because Stewart was a salaried university employee.
An appeals court upheld a judge's decision that Birkeland should pay for more than 900 hours of work logged to rename and recreate about 27,000 files that were lost in the theft, since the professor did the work beyond his normal salaried duties.
Jail stops providing free underwear to men
A Florida sheriff said men booked into his county's jail are no longer being provided underwear free of charge, but they do have the option of purchasing pairs.
Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said the Polk County Jail canteen now sells underwear at $2.54 for a pair of briefs and $4.48 for a pair of boxer shorts.
"If they expect me to buy them, they're going to wear nothing," Judd said.
He said the policy, which does not apply to women booked into the jail, is projected to save the county $45,000 per year.
Judd said men are not allowed to bring their own underwear from outside because it takes workers too long to search the garments for drugs and weapons.
"This is all about a tough economy," Judd said. "Forty-five thousand dollars a year is someone's job."
Man leaving jail caught stealing from inmate
A man who was jailed in Baxter County is back in a cell after he was allegedly caught on camera stealing property from another inmate.
Sheriff John Montgomery says 27-year-old Matthew E. Tillery of Cotter was jailed in May on charges of nonpayment of fines and failure to appear in court. During his May 21 release, Montgomery says Tillery reached into another inmate's property box and took a wallet, cellphone and checkbook.
The theft was discovered two days later, deputies got a warrant for Tillery's arrest and picked him up without incident.

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