Monday, August 8, 2011

Forklift truck wedding parade for couple

Forget booking a Rolls Royce limousine or a horse drawn carriage for your wedding ride - it's now all about the forklift cavalcade.

That's what one couple in China opted for in a bid to celebrate their shared love for each other and the humble warehouse workhorse.
Newlyweds Kong Qingyang and Shen Likun first met when groom Kong was working as a forklift driver and bride Shen was working as a forklift salesperson.
To commemorate their special connection they chose to commandeer a forklift parade in their home town of Xintai, Hebei Province.
Starting at 8am the brightly decorated forklifts motored from the groom's house and then broke with tradition to pick up the bride-to-be.
Naturally it took a while for them to arrive at the church, with a top speed of eight miles per hour limiting progress, but the vows were exchanged just after the couple arrived at 11:30am.  
Following her unusual entrance, the blushing bride Shen said: 'I love him (Kong) as a person. No matter what vehicle he picks me up in I would marry him. I will remember this parade forever.'

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