Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Dog addicted to eating grass
A dog needed life-saving surgery after he began gorging on grass when his owner put him on a diet.
Pie, a Rottweiler-Alsatian cross, tipped the scales at a massive 210 pounds when he was found abandoned on a street last month, reports Metro.
However, when he stopped eating completely, his new owner Annabelle Pottle took him to the vets and discovered the real problem - he had 2.2 pounds of grass in his stomach.
She said: "I was getting worried because he was not eating his special diet food. He usually loves his food and he was just turning his nose up at it.
"I could not believe it when the vet told me it was grass bunging him up. He must have thought he was a cow rather than a dog to eat so much of the stuff."
An $1,614.32 life-saving operation to remove the offending cuttings has now left him with a 25cm scar.
Ms Pottle, 40, who runs the Ardley Rescue Kennels in Bicester, Oxfordshire, took in Pie after he was found with his stomach dragging on the ground. He should weigh just 70 pounds.
Vet Gemma Prophet said: "Most dogs eat grass, but when they eat so much it can expand in their stomach and they can't digest it. It must have been very painful for poor Pie but he is looking lot better now."

Cat Avoids Blaze by Hiding in Couch
Aug 13, 2007
WEST ORANGE, N.J. (AP) - A New Jersey cat may have only eight lives left after it survived a house fire by hiding in the couch.
Firefighters initially thought the feline, who belonged to one of the tenants in the two-story house, had been killed by flames and smoke Saturday night. But after putting out the blaze and surveying the damage, they found the cat wedged into the couch.
"To our amazement, it had survived," Fire Chief Peter Smeraldo told The Star-Ledger of Newark. "They should change that cat's name to Lucky."
No one was injured, and the cat's owner, who was ecstatic to have the animal back, took the cat to stay at a relative's house.

Trucker Hit by SUV While Chasing Hat
Aug 13, 2007
DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) - A man who stopped to secure a load on a semi trailer was struck by a passing sport utility vehicle when he tried to retrieve his cap, which had blown off in the wind.
Rick Uvaney, 49, pulled off Interstate 80 in Dallas County on Saturday night to secure I-beams being carried on a semi trailer driven by his friend, Robert Greathouse, of Canton, Ohio.
A gust of wind blew off the brown baseball cap that Uvaney had worn for years. The cap landed in the median.
Uvaney, who was riding with Greathouse, walked across the highway, picked up the hat and was struck by the SUV, driven by Tamara Boyle, of Herriman, Utah.
Boyle swerved, struck Uvaney and then crashed into Greathouse's truck, a report from the Iowa State Patrol said.
Uvaney suffered a broken wrist and dislocated shoulder and was hospitalized at Iowa Methodist Medical Center in Des Moines.
"He's pretty lucky," Greathouse said. "It could've been worse."

Woman Calls Police About 'Fake' Cocaine
Aug 13, 2007
ROCHELLE, Ga. (AP) - A woman was arrested after she called police to help "get her money back" after she was unhappy with the crack cocaine she purchased.
Juanita Marie Jones, 53, called Rochelle Police late Thursday night after she purchased what she thought was a $20 piece of crack cocaine, according to police reports.
She told officers she broke the rock into three pieces and smoked one, only to discover the drugs were "fake."
She took Officer Joel Quinn and Deputy John Shedd of the Wilcox County Sheriff's Office into her kitchen and showed them the drugs, police said.
She was promptly arrested on charges of possession of cocaine.

Young Child Observed Sex Acts
August 14, 2007
PEACHTREE CITY, Ga. -- Peachtree City police have issued warrants for four people after authorities say sexually explicit pictures were taken inside a Peachtree City home while a child was present.
The Crimes Against Children Unit investigated and identified the four people who were present in the room during the time of the sexual acts.
Paul Graffeo, 39, of Peachtree City was arrested. Lauren Barchi, 22, of Alpharetta will also face charges. Micah Burns, 34, is a relative of the child and he was located in Michigan. Jody Graham, 43, of Peachtree City was arrested at her home.
They will face child molestation charges.
Arraignment for all four will be held at 2 p.m. at the Fayette County Court House in Fayetteville.

Mother Indicted In Newborn's Death
August 14, 2007
DECATUR, Ala. -- A Lacey's Spring woman has been indicted on a child endangerment charge in connection with the death of her newborn son. The indictment alleges that 21-year-old Christian Celia Atchley endangered her child by using illegal drugs. She was arrested yesterday.
Atchley's common-law husband, 31-year-old James Robert Hill Junior, was charged with capital murder last week. Morgan County Sheriff Greg Batlett said the infant's body was found inside a clothes basket at the couple's mobile home October 29th.
A coroner ruled the baby had cocaine in his system and died of blunt force trauma.
Atchley's bond was set at $100,000. Hill is being held in the Morgan County Jail without bond.

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