Sunday, December 14, 2008

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know you Needed

Customers calling for medical help hear "Hey, sexy guy"
If you're a member of the AvMed health-maintenance organization, you might not want to use the customer-service phone number on your new membership card just yet.
The Department of Management Services said today AvMed sent about 21,000 cards to subscribers with the wrong toll-free number for reaching a service representative dedicated to State of Florida employees. The correct number is (888) 762-8633 but the cards listed an (800) prefix.
That gets you to "intimate encounters," where the recorded voice of a giggling woman starts out, "Hey, sexy guy...." How about a little something for your prostate?"
To listen to an audio file of the recording that callers would hear, click on the link below. **WARNING** The audio file contains adult material and is intended for mature audiences only.
Florida prison numbers goes up so do tents
With prisons getting increasingly crowded, Florida is preparing to house inmates in tents. Numbers released Thursday by the government confirmed what state officials already knew, prisons are getting squeezed for space, with Florida locking up more new inmates last year than any other state. Government statistics show the overall Florida prison population increased by 5,250 inmates in 2007. The growth is more than twice the number of the next closest state, Kentucky. The state's current prison population is now nearing 100,000 inmates. So far, the state has set up 36 tents in prisons around the state. The tents, which cost $9,000 each, can house up to 22 prisoners.
Man robbed of everything in cemetery
A guy getting a ride to the store from an acquaintance found himself $500 poorer and naked in the middle of a Crestview cemetery, reports the
Antonio Ladurl Lee, a 28-year-old Fort Walton Beach man, was charged with armed robbery.
The victim told police that Lee drove them to Spring Hill Cemetery and asked for help in checking the tire pressure.
Lee then pointed a hand gun at the victim and told him to take off his clothes.
When he hesitated, the driver fired a shot into the asphalt near his feet.
The suspect then took the victim's clothes and removed $500 in cash from the coat pocket.
When police caught up with Lee he had $465 on him, as well as a controlled substance.
At least the victim got out of the cemetery alive.
DUI man to 'crooked cop': You're ruining my life
After being clocked at 44 mph in a 25 mph residential zone, a 43-year-old Crestview motorist emitting "a strong odor of alcoholic beverages" asked the officer "if he could just park his vehicle and call someone to pick him up." Told that wasn't an option, he told the officer "this is ridiculous."
Arrested on DUI charges, the man called the officer a "crooked cop." At the jail he thought he could fool the Intoxilyzer 8000 by puffing out his cheeks instead of actually blowing into the mouthpiece.
As he was issued a citation for speeding and DUI, the man informed the officer "you're ruining my life."
He didn't see the Myth Busters episode on trying to fool the machine.
A idiot blaming everyone else for his own lack of functioning brain cells.
"You're ruining my life" No sir, you are doing just fine on your own....

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