Monday, August 10, 2009

That Sinking Feeling

Man watches as his 4x4 disappears after getting stuck on beach.

It was a decision he must have instantly regretted. But the sea fisherman who drove his Honda 4×4 across mudflats had several agonizing hours to let it all sink in.
David Foster watched helplessly as his $25,000 car slowly disappeared in the wet sand… where it remained stuck fast and was swamped by the incoming tide. He had driven out on to the mudflats at Brean, Somerset, in search of the perfect afternoon fishing spot. ‘The vehicle was so stuck there was not even any point in calling for help,’ said beach warden Pete Williams. ‘The owner was distraught and wasn’t looking forward to telling his wife what had happened.’ Once the tide went out again, a recovery truck was called to pull the 15-year-old vehicle free in a two-hour retrieval operation, thought to have cost around $3,000. And that’s before any repair bills."

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Anonymous said...

not your fault, but this is bullshit reporting. it's not a 25000 car if it's 15 years old. the real deal is more like this:he drove his old beach wagon onto the beach like he always does, but this time he f'ed up. happens a lot. fuggin reporters always trying to make shit out to be much more dramatic than it really is. yea, my pickup may have cost 30000 when new, but it's a 1995 thats worth about 3 grand now.