Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Cops Creating Crime

Cops having a lot of spare time on their hands to be setting up people to arrest


Joseph said...

I think "Cops creating crime" and "lots of spare time" are stupid titles. I see nothing wrong with this, and if I were still a cop I would love to be involved with it. Dirtbags are going to steal cars, that's a given. I'd rather have them go after bait cars and get caught then destroy my mothers, neighbors, etc. car. I don't even consider this a bait car, that guy would steal a car whether it was a bait car or not. Not only are these cops working to improve their community, they are honing skills that some day may save your life when you dial 911 for something. A job well done to the police, another criminal off the streets.

From an obviously biased former cop

big ben said...

I couldn't agree more with Joseph. Cops actively catching criminals hardly equates to "cops with lots of spare time"

I am not a cop, just someone who lives by the rules and is unfortunate enough to live next to drug dealing felons... And wishes something like this would happen in my neighborhood actually...

Anon Y. Mous said...

No, I think the Spare Time title is accurate. Rather than patrol the streets, they setup shop in one location that they can just sit and wait at.
There's also that gray area of Police Entrapment. Which could end up having the case thrown out and all this effort of the police department would be for not.

Joseph said...

Dear Anon Y. Mous, (cute)

You would be surprised what I could do as a cop that you would call “entrapment.” However our ultimate authority, the courts, usually disagrees with you as long as it’s an airtight case. Obviously these cases don’t overwhelmingly get thrown out of court. If they did, the police would stop using stings like this! (Duh) With regards to your patrolling the street comment, I will say this: Obviously they set up these stings in high crime areas. While waiting to get called in for the takedown, the marked patrol units are driving around just out of sight in the area, which, shocking as it may seem, is also known as patrolling the streets! I promise you that if they witness a crime while doing this the bait car instantly because less of a priority and they react accordingly to whatever they see. You could almost say they are accomplishing two things at once!