Saturday, February 20, 2010

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know You Needed

Funeral home cremated wrong body
A Mid-South funeral home is under fire after a family said it cremated the wrong body and put their loved one in another person's casket
"We had no reason to believe that everything wasn't fine until we got the call from Nashville," McClamrock said.
The Tennessee Board of Funeral Directors told McClamrock the ashes she thought belonged to her mother were likely those of a complete stranger.
Former High Point employee Oliver Ewing told the board the funeral home mistakenly cremated a man who was to be buried. Ewing said when he alerted his boss, he was told to "remove Billie Sue Smith's remains from her body bag and remove any and all identification."
"His story was that his boss told him to don't tell anybody," Attorney Jeff Rosenblum said. "Let's bury the woman in the man's grave, let's give the woman's family the man's ashes."
Rosenblum brought a medical examiner to the grave sight marked John Hughes. But inside the casket were the remains of Billie Sue Smith.
Man excretes once in 7 wks
He eats drinks and moves about like a normal human being. But his alimentary canal is patently tainted with abnormal behavior. He does not empty his bowels within the time frame expected of a normal person even after eating with a ravenous appetite.
But there is another oddity peculiar to Sanusi. The smelly, gaseous air content he discharges in quick succession everyday leaves him as a man whose rate of flatulence is unequalled: “Instead of going to toilet, I just find solace in passing out very, very loud and offensive gas, one round after another for some moments in order to get a relief. I do this at my convenient time and location without causing discomfort to people around me.
Man Stops Woman From Molotov Cocktail Attack
St. Louis man outraged by description on Pizza Hut receipt
India’s rail authorities crack down on rooftop travel to stop deaths

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