Monday, April 4, 2011

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know You Needed

Dentist gets surprise package
A New York City orthodontist opened a mysterious package that had been delivered to his dental clinic and was stunned to find that it contained 31-pound bale of marijuana.
The package was delivered by UPS at around 3 p.m. Friday. It was postmarked from Katy, Texas, a suburb of Houston. The package appeared to be addressed from a person with the same last name as Lyons, although he says they aren't related.
Lyons says he called police as soon as he realized what he had in his hands. Then, he posed with the bale for newspaper photographers.
Woman, 66, tackles robber
A 66-year-old bank customer, courageous because she says she is dying of cancer, tackled a would-be robber Friday and restrained her until deputies arrived, the Broward Sheriff's Office said.
When deputies asked the customer why she intervened, she replied she "was dying of cancer, figured she had nothing to lose and didn't want to see her [the robbery suspect] get away with it," said sheriff's spokesperson Mike Jachles.
Reached by telephone Friday afternoon, the customer, Helen Dunsford, told the Sun Sentinel: "The FBI has asked me not to talk to you. Let the facts be stated by the police department, and let it go."
Asked if she was OK following the altercation, Dunsford replied: "I'm fine. Thank you."
FBI Special Agent Michael Leverock urged citizens to avoid confronting robbers. The most they should do, he said, is to serve as "good witnesses," but said authorities considered the woman's actions "selfless and brave."
The robbery suspect was identified by the FBI as Renee Lee Green, 32. She was being held without bond in a Broward Jail.
Man Claims $1 Million Stolen From Car
Oregon Man Says Burglary Happened At Orlando Mall
An Oregon man says thieves stole electronic files worth $1 million from his Dodge Charger that was parked at an Orlando mall.
According to a police report, Griffiths said thieves punched out a lock and took a number of items, including Bose head phones, a checkbook, a portable ionizer, credit cards, his passport, work papers, computer hardware and the electronic files. The total loss listed on the report totaled $1,011,554.
Griffiths told police he used his key-less entry remote to get inside the car and didn't notice the items missing until he left the mall. He then returned to the mall and called police.

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