Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Half a Renault Clio and half a motorbike

This contraption - made by welding half a Renault Clio onto a motorbike - was invented by a 17-year-old, although he was later banned from driving it on the road when he got stopped by the police.

Markus Sell, from Jonschwil in Switzerland, turned heads on his first trip out with his magnificent machine, which sees the driver sitting on the back passenger seat of the Clio while steering using the front wheel of a bike.
The seating arrangements probably weren't what caught the eye, though - more the fact that he was reaching speeds of up to 70mph.
But his maiden voyage was cut short when he was pulled over by traffic cops.
The police gave him short shrift when he was spotted riding (or is it driving) - mainly because he was breaking so many laws all at once, and because they couldn't actually tell what it was.
'It wasn't taxed, insured or tested. In fact, we weren't even sure it was a car or a motorbike,' one officer said.
Sell is apparently set to go back to the drawing board in order to invent something similar - but hopefully roadworthy and legal, this time.

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