Wednesday, June 22, 2011

There is “Gold“ in those cracks

An unemployed jewelry setter has taken to combing the streets of New York with a pair of tweezers to cash in on dropped gems and gold.
The streets of New York may not quite be paved with gold. But one man is proving that the cracks on Manhattan pavements really can bear riches.
Raffi Stepanian, 43, has begun crawling around the New York 'Diamond District' on his hands and knees, plucking jewels and fragments of precious metals from between the slabs.
Armed with a pair of tweezers, Mr. Stepanian, an unemployed diamond setter from Queens, claims to have collected $1,010 (£623) worth in the past two weeks. "I'm surviving on it," he said.
"I may be about to trigger a new gold rush on the streets of New York," Mr Stepanian said "The soil in the cracks of sidewalks on 47th street is saturated with the stuff".


Mad Izatie said...

......this is awesome.

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