Saturday, August 20, 2011

Man tries to use his feet as brakes

A 24-year-old Detroit-area man who tried using his feet to stop a runaway pickup truck with faulty brakes caused multiple collisions and exhibited "moronic decision making," a Roseville police official said.
After the vehicle's brakes failed on a busy street in Roseville, just north of Detroit, the man continued driving and stuck his feet outside the truck to stop it, Roseville Deputy Police Chief James Berlin said. .
Witnesses said the man reached speeds of about 40 mph and wasn’t able to stop the truck on at least two occasions. The truck eventually struck four vehicles.
He struck two vehicles after being unable to stop at a red light, and continued on. An officer who pulled next to the man's car told him to shift into "park," but that didn't work and he rolled into two other vehicles before the truck stopped.
"He said he was going to fix the brakes when he got home," Berlin said.

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