Saturday, June 23, 2007

Elvis been spotted

This is just an age progression photo showing what the King would look like now if he had lived to be 72.

Paris Hilton's Update

Paris Hilton's car repossessed
22nd June 2007 08:30:02
Paris Hilton's car has been repossessed after she failed to make the last two payments, it has been reported.
The hotel heiress, who is serving a 45-day jail sentence for driving with a suspended licence, will be shocked to learn that her Mercedes - allegedly worth a staggering $500,000 - has been towed away.

Hilton To Celebrate Release With Family.
23rd June 2007 09:01:01
Hilton To Celebrate Release With Family....
Paris Hilton will celebrate her release from jail in the arms of her family - according to the incarcerated socialite's mom Kathy.

Short News

Toddler survives ride on top of camper
GAINESVILLE, Fla., June 16 (UPI) -- A 3-year-old Georgia girl survived a 5-mile ride on top of her father's camper and a fall from the vehicle.
Christa Whitlow was hospitalized for observation, but doctors said she appeared to have suffered no more than bad abrasions on her arms, legs and face, WXIA-TV in Atlanta reported.
Christa's mother, Colleen Whitlow, said she and her husband almost always check their vehicles before they drive off. But she said that on this occasion, her husband, after walking around the camper, realized he had left his cell phone in the house and went in to get it.
Brothers Killed in Separate Crashes Hours Apart
Police in the US state of Maine have opened an investigation into the deaths of two brothers, Adrian and Wallace Basford. The pair, aged 52 and 48 years old respectively, died within hours of each other in traffic accidents on Saturday night.

Adrian Basford was killed when his motorbike left a country road and crashed. Wallace was killed when the van he was driving in crashed into a wall just after a bridge. The brothers were both from Winterport, in Maine.

Now that's weird !
Brothers, both died, in car accidents. That is unbelievable. The odds of that happening again must be phenomenal!

.50-HOLY CRAP!!!! How the hell could she even find her car!!!!

A Pierce County woman apparently tied a record for the amount of alcohol in her blood.
When the Washington State Patrol toxicology lab measured a blood-alcohol content of 0.50 two hours after she was arrested for drunken driving.
Ann Marie Gordon, manager of the lab in Seattle, said the reading _ more than six times the legal limit of 0.08 _ tied the highest level ever found by technicians at the patrol's lab.
A King County driver also registered 0.50 on a blood test in 2000, Gordon said.
The average blood-alcohol content of drunken drivers stopped in Washington is about 0.15, Gordon added.

Microsoft Big Ass Table...

Don't be up "Shit Creek" without your paddle

Bacon Lovers

The ultimate bacon for a BLT

Women in Bikinis

Police Interrogation

Sexy Triplets

Think what you about to do



15 year-old performed a C-section

The 15-year-old son of two doctors performed a Caesarean section in an apparent bid to enter the Guinness Book of Record as the youngest surgeon.

Instead, the boy's father could be stripped of his licenses and may face criminal charges, officials said.

Dr K Murugesan showed a recording of his son, Dhileepan Raj, performing the Caesarean to an Indian Medical Association (IMA) chapter in the southern state of Tamil Nadu last month.

He has not expressed any regret and has apparently accused the Manaparai medical association of being "jealous" of his son's achievements.

Mesa woman been branded as a “Snitch”

Four people have been arrested in connection with kidnapping, assaulting and using a branding iron to burn the word 'snitch' on a Mesa woman's face, police said.
Investigators said they believe the crime was done in retaliation for reporting one of the men and woman to Child Protective Services in February 2006, which ultimately led to CPS taking away their kids.
"If CPS removes a child from the house, there must be some very serious allegations," said Sgt. Chuck Trapani of the Mesa Police Department.
"So the children removed, they're in CPS custody, and now they're blaming this person for what they did wrong."
James H. Standridge, 34, Jackie L. Getz, 26, and Kibbol A. Avila, 33, were charged with one count each of kidnapping, aggravated assault and unlawful imprisonment.
Preston L. Valdez, 21, was charged with one count each of aggravated assault and unlawful imprisonment with a no-bond status.

Female prisoners demand bikinis

Women at a prison outside Gothenburg have decided to fight for their right to a decent sun tan. Sweden's Justice Ombudsman has received a letter from the Prisoners' Council at Sagsjön jail in which the women bemoan the fact that they are not permitted to wear bikinis. "It's a human right", wrote the chairwoman of the council. Since bikinis are not standard issue in jail, and inmates are not permitted to wear their civilian clothes, the prisoners consider themselves victims of discrimination. "How are we supposed to be able to sunbathe at all? They answer we have got is that we can sunbathe in shorts and sports tops. "In other words, we are treated differently because we are in an institution and we are disriminated against because of our gender," the women wrote.

Could I have a pillow

KC tells why it happen

George W war plans

How To Become A Air Guitar Pro

This is just the upper neck of a guitar, and the strings are the infrared ray that makes the sound as your fingers hit the fretboard. The controller has seven buttons on the front to click for "G" to "A" and four buttons on the side to identify the chords as major, minor, augmented or diminished. It also includes ten songs for air guitar beginners.

Clive Seymour had a hole in one — on the wrong hole.

Clive, 72, sliced his drive on the first hole at Hele Park in Newton Abbot, Devon, so badly it went straight into the cup on the fourth. Retired carpenter Clive, of Paignton, added: “People are saying I’ve scored the world’s first hole-in-the-wrong-one.” Club director Duncan Arnold said: “It was unconventional, but still impressive. A hole in one — at any hole — is still a dream for many golfers.”