Friday, February 29, 2008

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mightyattom said...
Oh No! Did Cousin Itt get run over?!?
I Have Just One Word “NASTY”

Ducks on Ice

Uninvited Visitor Lurks Outside

If I were sitting in my kitchen and saw this outside my door,
I would shit my pants.

"Girls Just Want To Have Fun!"

They Done It!

The World's Tallest Snowwoman
It’s just incredible to look up at this 122′1″ beauty.
We built it, now it’s time for the world to come and see her!

Created in Bethel, Maine.
It's taken a month to construct and is over 122 feet tall.
Her eyelashes are made from skis and the buttons are truck tires.
Check out the site to see photo's of it being made.

Man took his young son on burglary run

He brought his toddler son, in footy pajamas, along with him as he robbed a medical building. That's according to Salt Lake City Police, who arrested the man today, after people recognized him from surveillance video. Justin Nuzman was captured on tape entering the building, with his small son. Officer say Nuzman stole cash boxes and medications as he trashed the place.

Only In China

A monkey riding a goat on a tightrope.

This is just Highway Robbery

Drivers in San Mateo, Calif., shell out more than $4 a gallon for gasoline, as crude oil prices extend their march into record territory, hitting $103 a barrel.

I Can See

Blind man regains sight after doctors implant son's tooth in his eye. Bob McNichol has been fighting to get his sight back, tooth and … eye?
The 57-year-old Irishman was blinded two years ago after an aluminum explosion at a recycling plant.

His sight has been miraculously restored after doctors inserted his son’s tooth in his eye. "I thought that I was going to be blind for the rest of my life."

Dogs trap mail carrier, flatten tires

A mail carrier was trapped inside her car for nearly two hours at a home near Hanover after a pair of dogs attacked her tires, flattening three of them. Robin Barton had to summon help by cell phone on Wednesday. When the police arrived, the dogs attacked the cruiser's tire as well. Authorities were preparing to tranquilize the dogs Judge and Justice, a Rottweiler and a pit-bull mix, before the surprised and apologetic homeowner arrived. Stephanie Dekelbaum, the dogs' owner, called them "generally sweethearts" and blamed the attack on a tire toy the dogs had recently been given.
I found this picture before this story happen and I said that's worth keeping.

Take a trip back to the 60’s

This is the one of the best presentations that I have seen online--very well done.
Just click on the link and sit back and enjoy the memories. Great photos and facts.
Thanks B&P

How not to take down a palm tree

Small Bits of News

Minnesota Man Received Huge UPS Shipments of California Marijuana
A Hummer-driving Minnesota man claiming he was a student in need of extra cash was busted for allegedly receiving 213 pounds of marijuana shipped by UPS from California. The Ramsey County, Minn., Attorney's Office charged Doanzell Gieddarr Johnson, 27, of Inver Grove Heights on Thursday with first-degree sale or possession of marijuana. Los Angeles police already had arrested three people on charges of shipping the marijuana, and Twin Cities authorities were alerted that the parcels were sent to their jurisdiction. Police arrested Johnson and seized more than $5,000 in cash, as well as Johnson's Hummer, which police said was used to pick up the parcels, according to the report.
Jealous man emails lover's nude photos
A UK man is facing jail after he emailed pictures of his lover to everyone in her address book when he found out she was flirting with other men.
Stephen Hailes, 48, had been in an "internet romance" with Karen Parker, 36, after the pair met in a chat room last August, the Daily Mail reported.
During the romance Parker, a married mother-of-two, sent a series of nude pictures of herself to Hailes, a former tree surgeon.
Hailes became angry after he hacked into Parker's email account and discovered she was flirting with other men. To get revenge he forwarded the lurid pictures to all the contacts in her email address book.
"She learned of his action when her friends contacted her and asked her why she had sent them naked photographs of herself.
Shop-owners sold chocolate cake with human feces
Funny taste: A hungry customer was horrified when they realized the chocolate cake was covered in human feces
Two shop-owners were today fined for selling chocolate cake - which had been sprinkled with human feces.
A horrified customer ate the foul-smelling gateaux but noticed that it didn't taste or smell "quite right" and handed the cake to public health scientists.
The analysts soon established that the sweet treat was covered in feces and legal proceedings against the shop owners were started.
Pssst! Want to buy a Ferrari?
Italians are used to buying bogus Gucci bags or Rolex watches to look stylish but police found a new height of craftsmanship and cunning when they broke up a ring selling fake Ferrari cars for a fraction of the real price. Police accused 15 people of building the blood red sports cars and selling them to car fanatics on a budget, most of whom knew they were buying a counterfeit classic.
Car body workers who police called "very able" cobbled together mostly fake parts and a few original components. They used body parts from other makes of automobiles, such as chassis, roofs, hoods, trunks and doors. The body parts were modified to look like Ferrari classics such as the 328 Gtb, which went out of production in the late 1980s.
Some of the cars sold for about 20,000 euros, about a tenth of the going price for some versions.
Police confiscated 21 cars, 14 of which had already been sold, and seven in production in Sicilian garages.
Cook accused of adding foreign matter in a steak
A restaurant cook is out of a job and facing a felony charge after being accused of hiding pubic hairs in a ribeye because a customer complained the first steak served to him was overcooked.
Kevin Hansen, who dined at the Texas Roadhouse with friends and family Saturday, said he ordered a 16-ounce ribeye cooked medium rare, with a warm, red center, according to the criminal complaint filed against cook Ryan Kropp.
Georgia Man Kills Motorcyclist Who Was Following Teen Daughters
A Georgia man was arrested for murder after he allegedly shot and killed a motorcyclist who he said was following his teenage daughters home from a Target store.
Richard Harold Gear's two daughters, ages 17 and 19, called their 45-year-old father from their cell phones to tell him they were being followed. When they got home their father was at the end of their driveway with a pistol.