Friday, March 18, 2011

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know You Needed

Police recover $1.5 million in stolen condoms
Police in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia say they have recovered about 700,000 condoms that were stolen while being shipped to Japan two months ago.
Police Chief Mohamad Shukri Dahlan, of Malaysia's northern Perak state, says authorities found hundreds of boxes of condoms at a warehouse and a home last week. Police arrested six men who were storing the condoms in hope of eventually selling them.
Mohamad Shukri said Thursday some of the suspects work for a company that was transporting the condoms from a factory to a port. They face 10 years in prison if convicted of corruption.
He says the condoms will be returned to Sagami Rubber Industries, one of Japan's biggest condom makers.
Condoms from Condom
A French court has banned a company set up by a descendant of King Louis XIV from selling luxury condoms described as from the southwestern town of Condom.
The court in the nearby city of Bordeaux banned the continued sale of condoms under the brand “The Original Condom from Condom, France.”
"It is clear that the use of the name, the image and the renown of the town of Condom, without its knowledge, for entirely commercial ends is manifestly illicit," said the judge's ruling.
French royal descendant Charles-Emmanuel de Bourbon Parme and count Gil de Bizemont have been selling their "luxury eco-friendly" prophylactics mainly in the United States since 2009.
The company is headquartered in the medieval town although the contraceptives themselves are manufactured in rubber-rich Malaysia.
Dairy product yields condom surprise
A woman in western Sweden who drank two cups of milk has been unable to eat for days after a condom later slipped out of the package of the popular Swedish dairy product.
Milica's mother discovered the additive as she was pouring the last of the container of filmjölk, a sour-tasting fermented milk product popular in Sweden, to give to her dog. The remaining creamy, yoghurt-like liquid, a condom, its packaging, a pink-colored plastic ring, and a receipt squirted out into the dog's dish.
The Arla rep theorized that someone in Milica's home may have placed the condom in the package as a prank, something which she says couldn't have happened.
The package has since been sent to Arla for analysis, but spokesperson Katarina Malmström is doubtful that the condom ended up in the filmjölk during the packaging process.
"It's impossible…there's not a chance."
"The first thing we need to do is confirm what exactly was in the package," said Malmström, who theorized that the incident could have been the result of sabotage.
Police found $4M stash in bottled water truck
Tennessee Highway Patrol officers say they have seized more than $4 million in cash in duct-taped bundles hidden in cases of bottled water in a tractor-trailer, prompting the arrests of two California men.
A highway patrol statement said the tractor-trailer was stopped Saturday on Interstate 40 in Tennessee's Cumberland County. Police say officers using search dogs found duct-taped bundles of cash inside the bottled water cases in the trailer.
Federal authorities say they charged 42-year-old Armando Guzman of Monreno Valley, Calif., and co-driver 44-year-old Francisco Javier Cruz of San Jacinto, Calif., with interstate travel with intent to promote a drug trafficking conspiracy.
Man arrest after he tries keys at wrong house
A Spokane County sheriff's spokesman says an alcohol-impaired driver twice tried his house keys in the front door of a home that wasn't his.
Sgt. Dave Reagan says a woman resident called 911 Tuesday morning to say a man had parked in her driveway and was trying to open her door. She watched him drive away, then return, park and try again.
Reagan says 56-year-old John Stephen Cullen was arrested and booked into the county jail for DUI. Cullen's home is on the other side of the Spokane River, about a mile away.
Panty bandit gets prison time
A teenager who broke into Lakeview, Oregon homes and stole young women's underwear has been sentenced to 4 1/2 years in prison after a judge revoked his probation.
Lake County District Attorney David Schutt says Rodger Clint Lee Vanwormer Jr. burglarized homes in Lakeview in 2009, taking only female underwear, which was later found in labeled plastic baggies in his room.
Vanwormer pleaded guilty to 10 counts of first-degree burglary and was placed on restrictive 36-month probation. Schutt says that terms included sex offender treatment and no contact with minors.
Vanwormer's probation officer recently moved to revoke the probation. The district attorney says that among other violations, the now-17-year-old offender had been terminated from sex offender treatment for lying and was sentenced to prison.
Do You Know Where Your Heroin Been?
Scranton City police have charged a 27-year-old Scranton woman with possession of heroin, including some that was hidden in her body cavity.
Karin Mackaliunas, 27 was involved in a car crash in the city and was taken into custody by Scranton police at the request of Dunmore police for an alleged theft at a Dunmore hotel. While in the back seat of a police car, she “was moving around and putting her hands down her pants.”
Officers searched Mackaliunas and discovered three bags of heroin in her coat pocket and placed her under arrest for criminal charges in Scranton. While transporting her to headquarters, Officer Nancy Baumann allegedly saw her continue to move around in the back seat of the vehicle.
Mackaliunas admitted to police after several denials that she had more heroin in her possession, according to the affidavit. She put her hands inside her underwear and instead of getting the drugs out; she was attempting to shove them inside her body. She told police there was a pocket inside her underwear that she was trying to remove the drugs from.
Mackaliunas later told Scranton Police Sgt. Mike Mayer that she concealed more heroin inside her body. She was taken to Community Medical Center by ambulance, accompanied by Mayer. He returned to police headquarters with 54 full bags and 31 empty bags of heroin marked “Black Magic.”

Would You Eat This?



Upset owner sledgehammer his Lamborghini

An irate owner of an 'unreliable' £500,000 = $807,950 U.S. dollars Lamborghini drafted a team of men with sledgehammers to batter the car after the makers allegedly failed to fix it.
The Lamborghini Gallardo L140 luxury sports car had recurring problems after the owner purchased it last year, it was claimed.
But far from fixing the problem, the dealership managed to mess up the bumper and chassis when it was in their care.
So the Chinese entrepreneur decided to pummel his pride and joy on World Consumer Rights Day by hiring a group of workers, giving them sledgehammers and letting them do the rest.