Sunday, April 12, 2009

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Laughing man prompts full scale rescue

A helicopter rescue team were scrambled after screams were heard in a German forest - only to find a man laughing his head off at a new book.
A woman dialed for emergency help after she thought she could hear someone being tortured at the woodland near Elmstein, western Germany.
But 'victim' Roland Hofmann was astonished when armed police surrounded his car which he had driven into the forest and ordered him to give himself up and release his hostage.
He told police he had gone to the forest to read "in peace and quiet".
"We realize that people think the sound of Germans laughing is unusual, but we're sure the caller meant well," said one officer.

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Woman Attacked by Polar Bear at Berlin Zoo

A woman has been mauled by a polar bear after jumping into its enclosure at Berlin Zoo. The intruder was attacked just yards away from Knut, the abandoned bear who became famous around the world.
Zookeepers managed to push the bear away and carry the woman from the cage.
The mauling took place inside an enclosure occupied by four polar bears not far from Knut's home.
Heiner Kloes, a Berlin Zoo spokesman, said the enclosure is surrounded by a fence, a line of prickly hedges and a wall.
The woman was taken to a hospital for treatment.
Police did not say why she jumped in with the bears.
"The woman has proved herself to be careless by jumping into the enclosure," a police spokesperson said."Logic tells us that polar bears will do this type of thing in this situation."
Last December, a man who later described himself as "lonely", jumped into the cage of the zoo's most famous polar bear.
But he emerged unscathed after zookeepers managed to distract Knut with beef.
The celebrity bear won the world's sympathy after being abandoned by his mother shortly after his birth.
A spokesman for the zoo said Knut, now two years and four months old, would never harm a human.

Motorized Pink Bunny Slippers:

The Fast and the Furry-ous
The 7.5-foot slippers are each powered with a 36-volt system that uses six YellowTop 12-volt optimas. The two front wheels are driven by a 7-inch brushed DC motor from Advanced DC motors. There is a welded steel and plywood frame, covered with pink flokapi rugs that were from Hollywood Love Rugs. Let's hope they weren't second-hand, eh? There is a caster wheel at the back for steering (apparently only fork-lift trucks use this system) and the driver sits on a tractor seat. Top speed is 15 mph.


Earthquake in a Can

WARNING: "For Safe Handling of the product please carry the can so the "fault line" is facing upward. Results are unpredictable if these instructions are not followed."

Russian man survives five storey fall - twice

A Russian man survived after downing three bottles of vodka and leaping from a fifth floor balcony - twice.
Alexei Roskov says he jumped the second time because he couldn't take his wife's nagging about the first time.
Wife Yekaterina had watched in horror as her drunken hubsand opened the kitchen window of their Moscow apartment, and hurled himself out.
Astonishingly Mr Roskov, 22, survived and managed to stagger back upstairs with barely a scratch after the 50ft fall.
But while his wife called for an ambulance and began to scold him, he jumped again.
Amazed medics treated Mr Roskov for minor cuts and bruises before releasing him.
Mr Roskov says he is now teetotal after giving up drinking, and added: "Now I can say just one thing - I was very lucky.
"I have no idea why I jumped the first time but when I came back up and I heard my wife screaming angrily at me I thought it was best if I left the room again - out of the window."