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Harry Potter dwarf spared jail over sex act

A dwarf who appeared in the Harry Potter and Star Wars films has dodged a short spell behind bars for indecently exposing himself to a teenager on a train.
Former pantomime star Nicholas Read, who played a Ewok in Return Of The Jedi, was given a suspended 20-week jail term after a judge said it would offer the best opportunity for rehabilitation.
Read, of Wade Close, Cheadle, north Staffordshire, was convicted of indecent exposure last month after a 17-year-old girl told Leicester Crown Court how the actor performed a sex act under the cover of a juggler's hat.

Dialing for Dollars

Inmate Larry Stone discovered the phone system was mistakenly depositing money into his account, so he took advantage of it, deputies said.

Larry Stone made a phone call from the Lake County Jail that would typically cost about $20, but it didn't go through.
The charge was supposed to be refunded to his inmate account. But, the 32-year-old checked his balance and discovered his account now had more money than before the call. He made another call and hung up to test his luck. Again, more money magically appeared.
He repeated the exercise 77 times, exploiting the glitch that was mistakenly depositing credit into inmate trust accounts for each incomplete phone call.
After four hours of dialing a combination of local, long-distance and international numbers, Stone had accumulated more than $1,250 — enough money to bond out of jail, according to a Sheriff's Office investigative report.
Stone, who was arrested in April on property-crime charges, walked out of the Tavares facility earlier this month with $50. But he wasn't free for long.
News of the bug floated to other inmates, who began to spend inordinate amounts of time on the phone.
Global Tel*Link — the company that provides the jail's inmate phone system — charges the cost of a call from inmate trust accounts at a rate of $2.58 for local calls, $13.85 for long distance and $23.68 for international calls.
If no one answers or the caller hangs up, the money is returned to the account, officials said.
But in early July something bizarre happened. The system was reimbursing inmates twice for incomplete calls — allowing them to make a profit.
Stone took advantage of the malfunction and dialed a Canadian number dozens of times, investigators said.
Sheriff's Office spokesman Lt. John Herrell said scammers reaped immediate gains from the ruse because inmates can check their balances on the phone.
The jail's technology department noticed a high volume of incomplete calls and alerted detention deputies.
Inmate Kevin Tomlinson was in the middle of paying his $1,400 bond when investigators caught up with him. He had used the malfunctioning system to his advantage, investigators said, accumulating hundreds of dollars in the process.
Tomlinson told detectives he learned about the system's bug on his own and didn't tell anyone else.
Nevertheless, the glitch affected about 256 jail inmate accounts and lasted 24 hours, Herrell said.
Detectives have not calculated the total amount that was inappropriately refunded, he said.

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know You Needed

8 DUIs gets man 55 years in prison
A Houston-area man will be 100 years old before he's eligible for parole after his eighth drunken-driving conviction.
A Montgomery County jury convicted 73-year-old Gliddon William Davis of Conroe and then sentenced him to 55 years in prison over the 2009 incident. Witnesses contacted law officers after noticing Davis was driving erratically through New Caney. His blood alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit for driving.
District Attorney Brett Ligon says jurors determined that Davis, who was convicted and sentenced, had used his vehicle as a deadly weapon.
Court records indicate Davis had seven previous DUI convictions.
Motorcyclist lands in van unhurt
A California motorcyclist rear-ended a minivan and was hurled through a window into the back seat but was not injured.
Investigators say the minivan driver made a turn after his collision and drove to his Mojave Desert home a half-block away before discovering he had a new passenger.
Callers reported the crash saying the motorcycle crashed and slid under the minivan on a Victorville street and the biker couldn't be found.
Investigators say the minivan slowed or stopped to make a turn and the motorcyclist slammed into the vehicle.
San Bernardino County sheriff's spokesperson Karen Hunt says the minivan driver had already committed to the turn and drove a short distance to his home. He then discovered the motorcyclist in the back seat.
Controversy after kid defecates in pool
The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services is looking into a report that fourth- through seventh-graders at a YMCA day camp were told to lower their swimsuits in front of a counselor trying to determine which child defecated in the pool.
Police say a parent told officers that boys and girls were separated at a YMCA in Lancaster, southeast of Columbus. He told them his son was called into a locker room with another boy, both were told to pull their shorts down to their knees, and a male counselor inspected their butts.
The YMCA's executive director says up to 65 students were involved. He says there was no criminal wrongdoing but the YMCA is investigating.
He says feces found in the pool on consecutive days were a serious health concern.
Monkey bites off baby's testicle
A monkey bit off an eight-month-old boy's right testicle in a zoo in Guizhou Province and doctors said the damage was beyond repair.
A park official told the family that injuries from money attacks "are too common and happen all the time." He didn't even make an apology. His remark was recorded and shown on the TV news, which ignited outrage among Chinese netizens.
The monkey that broke loose from the cage and was playing with visitors suddenly attacked the boy when the mother was changing his diaper.
"It happened within seconds," said the mother
Doctors said the baby was not in danger of death but it seemed the boy would lose his reproductive ability because his testicle had been eaten by the monkey.
The zoo agreed to pay 10,000 yuan to cover the boy's hospital bills but it failed to reach a compensation deal with the family.
Forklift mishap did $1M worth of damage to Australia wine
An unsteady forklift dropped a container full of fine Australian wine worth more than $1 million, smashing most of the bottles. The winemaker says he was shocked and numb after the loss of his flagship Shiraz.
Sparky Marquis of Mollydooker Wines lost a third of his Velvet Glove Shiraz production after the accident that destroyed all but one of the 462 cases bound for the United States. Each bottle of the Mollydooker wine sells for $200. He said the wine was fully insured.
The accident has crippled Mollydooker's U.S. launch in September. It will also impact the wine market in Australia.

Guy got punched for a joke he did

You can buy a Pooter

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Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know You Needed

Let me show you where the needles are
A 32-year-old man was arrested on charges of drug and drug paraphernalia possession.
Phillip Todd Tucker of Niceville was pulled over for not wearing his seatbelt, but was suspected of drug possession, according to an Okaloosa County Sheriff’s report.
When he was pulled over he stated, “I can’t believe you are going to get me with a seat belt violation.”
A K-9 unit was brought in and identified that drugs were in Tucker’s vehicle.
During a search, Tucker told deputies, “Let me show you where the needles are, I don’t want anyone getting stuck.”
He identified a black backpack, which held marijuana, four pills and 28 syringes.
Northborough, Mass.: Where streets have no name
Police are investigating the mysterious disappearance of about 100 street signs.
The signs first starting vanishing from Northborough street corners about six months ago.
It's an expensive problem. Public Works Director Kara Buzanoski says the cost of replacing them is about $15,000.
Buzanoski and police Chief Mark Leahy suspect teenage pranksters, but so far there have been no arrests.
The town had a similar problem a few years ago when several teens were apparently involved in a contest to see how many signs they could purloin. When police started closing in on those culprits, the signs started reappearing. Leahy says this time the thieves will be prosecuted.
The town will replace the stolen signs. Buzanoski says the new ones are more vandal-resistant.
Man gets hit by SUV over computer repair bill
A dispute over a computer repair bill landed an Office Depot manager in the hospital and an angry customer behind bars, according to the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office,
John Derrico, 40, is accused of hitting manager Andre Kinchen, 36, with his SUV outside Lake Worth store over a $120 computer repair bill.
Kinchen flipped over the hood of the vehicle and landed on the curb head first, employee Kaylee Whitten said.
During questioning, Derrico said "he does not remember what happened but got mad," according to a Sheriff's Office deputy quoted in the report.
Goodwill got marijuana donation
Charity shop workers in Kansas have been surprised with a mystery donation from a member of the local community.
Volunteers at the Goodwill store in Lawrence, Kansas, found marijuana mixed in with other items, deposited in the donation drop box while the store was closed.
Staff immediately contacted the police to report the find, although rather than being a misguided attempt to boost the store's takings with the illicit sale of contraband, it is suspected that the donation was more likely an accident that one individual is expected to be extremely upset about.
Officers in particular are skeptical as to whether any of the town's drug users are really that generous. 'I don't think they did it on purpose,' said Lawrence police sergeant Ted Bordman. The authorities have confiscated the cannabis and have confirmed that it will be destroyed.
Designated driver didn't fare very well.
Donald Leet told deputies he had a glass of wine with dinner and his driver's license was suspended.
His girlfriend's 11-year-old daughter said he was teaching her to drive.
Whatever the reason, it ended badly when the girl crashed her mother's sport utility vehicle into a water pipe at First Baptist Church of Brandon
At the scene, Leet, 37, told deputies he had allowed the girl to drive. He said he had a suspended license and had one glass of wine but was not intoxicated, the report states.
"You are going to make me lose my job," he told deputies, the report states, adding: "Why don't you arrest a rapist or murderer instead of me. You're an illiterate Southerner. You don't know anything. You only have a high school diploma. You're dumb."

“FAILED” Infrastructure


If you are in a hurry

Now there's no excuse to miss the train at the Overvecht Station in Holland.
The newly installed "transfer accelerator" allows commuters to quickly descend the station stairs and access platforms.
 Click to Enlarge
At night the slide is said to play music from Bach.
The creation has designed by HIK Ontwerpers as part of their ongoing urban installations series.
A video posted on YouTube shows the slide in action, with the happy camera operator giving it the thumbs up.

Pedestrian Crossing in Vietnam


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Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know You Needed

Police found crack in woman’s underwear
Cape Coral police allegedly found crack in a woman’s bra and a crack pipe in her underwear after stopping her for running a red light.
The officer who pulled over Tommi Jelinda Chambers, 23, of North Fort Myers, noticed she appeared to be holding something in her left hand, according to a police report.
When asked what it was, Chambers opened her hand and said there was nothing there but several pieces of crack cocaine fell onto her lap.
While being searched, police found a crack pipe and a pill bottle hidden in her underwear as well as another crack pipe and several more crack rocks in her bra.
The pill bottle contained Buprenorphine and a search of her car turned up Oxycodone, neither of which she had a prescription for.
$2 Lands Woman In Jail
A woman is behind bars after a man says he gave her $2, but later took it back. He told police she then ran him over with the car.
Andrew Toby said he gave 31-year-old Michele McGraw the money in the parking lot of the Pizza Hut on 103rd Street. When Toby took the money back, he said McGraw became angry and chased him with the car.
Toby was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. Witnesses said they saw a car hit Toby and then crash. McGraw and a passenger were seen walking away from the wreck.
McGraw was charged with aggravated battery, leaving the scene of an accident and driving without a license.
Man vomits contraband stash in jail
A Noorvik Alaska man already in jail for alleged assault charges got a contraband count added when he vomited a stash of cigarettes when in jail.
Troopers say 20-year-old Johnathan Carter swallowed the bag with two cigarettes in it in anticipation of going to jail.
Carter, 18-year-old Jack Wells and 28-year-old Thomas Nay were involved in a fight over stolen items. Troopers say family members and friends also were part of the altercation, which include a knife, a rifle, baseball bats and snowmobiles.
Hallucinating men call 911 for help
South Georgia authorities say two men became so high on drugs they began hallucinating and called 911 when they thought intruders had broken into a home.
Effingham County sheriff's spokesman David Ehsanipoor said the pair is suspected of using methamphetamine around the time they called 911 for help.
Deputies responding around 4 a.m. to the home outside Savannah were told by the pair that people in a back bedroom had broken into the home, but no intruders were found.
Ehsanipoor said deputies realized they were hallucinating. He said "they were so high they called 911 on themselves."
Man scared of heights bungee jumps
A bungee jump in Dallas apparently arranged by a woman to help her future husband face his fear of heights turned into a three-hour ordeal 50 feet up when the cables got tangled.
Dallas firefighters used an aerial ladder truck to rescue William Mancera and Thalia Rodriguez of Irving.
Dallas Fire-Rescue Lt. Joel Lavender said Tuesday that neither was injured.
The couple, who plan to marry next year, seemed in good spirits after the incident and mentioned that Mancera has a fear of heights. Lavender says the ride was meant to be kind of a fun thing, as "a gift on her part, a challenge on his part."

Human Cannon “FAILED”


Biscuit The Rock Climbing Dog


Bride's Mugshot

Tammy Lee Hinton, 50 of Port Richey had just said "I Do" when officers swooped in and arrested her at the City of Zion Ministries church in Jackson, Mich.
The bride had been wanted for two years on a Michigan warrant for identity theft. The victim of the rip-off was her son, according to authorities.
Michigan authorities say Hinton racked up about $3,000 in utility bills in 2009 under the name of her son, Wesley Knauf, then 17. He discovered the debts when he applied for a credit card. Wesley searched through his mother's bills and found many with his name on it.
Hinton was booked Saturday at the Jackson County jail in her bridal attire. After posing bail she managed to make it back in time for part of her wedding reception. But Hinton was a no-show at her Monday arraignment.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know You Needed

Women fined $100 a day for having a "Junk Yard"
An elderly Lake Mary woman is getting fined $100 a day because of junk and cars that have been sitting in her front yard.
The woman, Harriett Mixon who is nearly 90 years old, lives on Lakeview Avenue and has racked up more than $300,000 in fines in three years
Business stuck with huge phone bill after being hacked
A Bellevue, Wash., business was victim of phone hackers, leaving it with a $90,000 bill, officials say.
Reliance Mortgage owner Hank Lo's average phone bill comes to about $1,000 a month. His most recent bill from his long-distance provider, Integra, however, was for almost $90,000, chalk full of international calls to North Korea and South Africa.
"I don't know anybody in North Korea or South Africa," Lo said.
The phone bill indicates that hundreds of calls were made to the two countries, which Integra admits is implausible.
The hackers targeted the mortgage company's PBX or switchboard, so when the international calls were placed, Lo would be billed for them.
Integra offered to take about $47,000 off of the bill, leaving Reliance responsible for the remaining $41,000, which the phone company offered a payment plan of $500 a month for the next seven years.
Man sets house ablaze while cremating dog
A Dale City, Va., man accidentally set his house on fire while trying to dispose of the remains of his dead pet dog, officials say.
The owner of the large Rottweiler started the fire by putting pieces of wood next to its body and boosting the flames with gasoline.
Firefighters were called to the two-story, single-family home where they found smoke coming out the front of the house and flames from the outside to the attic in the back.
Prince William fire and rescue Battalion Chief Joe Robertson explained that the gasoline had pooled near the house, extending the flames to the home.
The blaze caused $70,000 worth of damage to the home.
Robertson said it was unclear why the owner, whose name wasn't reported, was disposing of the dog by cremating it or how the dog died.
The matter was being investigated and no charges had been filed.

Planking – Using your head

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Girl snaps her arm while wrestling


Breaking News: More teens are having - NSFW

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Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know You Needed

Man accused of not paying decade-old bills
The head of a public utility in South Carolina says he's amazed someone saved 10-year-old records. Now the utility chief executive David Bereskin chief of the Greenville Water System is set to apologize personally to a customer wrongly accused of not paying two water bills dating to 2001.
The utility sent past-due notices to Randy Massengale of Mauldin. Massengale says he called to say there must be a mistake, but employees refused to believe him and told him to pay up.
Massengale says he put the notices aside until a utility representative came knocking, threatening to shut off his water. But Massengale retrieved his old bank statement and check register, proving he paid a decade ago.
Woman fined for repeated littering in man’s yard
A Kansas woman ticketed for tossing her empty tea bottles in the same yard nearly every day for two years insists there was no malice involved.
Carole Green, of rural Bonner Springs, entered a guilty plea to four counts of misdemeanor littering.
Green was ticketed after a man who lives about two miles east of her photographed her throwing empty tea bottles into the yard of his rural Leavenworth County home.
Green says the man's yard just happened to be where she finished her tea each time. She also told the judge that if she had to do it over again, "of course, I wouldn't do it."
Judge Gunnar Sundby imposed fines of $1,200 plus court costs - the minimum amount for first-time offenders.
Sears advertises IPads at $69 accidentally priced Apple's IPad at $69, much to the dismay of many online shoppers.
IPads are regularly priced at $744.99, so when customers caught wind of the unbelievable deal, it went viral, CNN reported.
Unfortunately, Sears posted a statement online saying it would not honor the deal, as it was an error made by a third-party vendor.
"We want you to know that, unfortunately, today one of the Marketplace third-party sellers told us that they mistakenly posted incorrect pricing information on two Apple iPad models on the Marketplace portion of the Web site. If you purchased either of these products recently, your order has been canceled and your account will be credited," the statement said.
Many customers are unhappy with the announcement.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bus Stop Moved To Avoid Woman's Stench

A city bus stop has been temporarily moved so bus drivers and riders can get away from the smell of a homeless woman who's living at a busy Honolulu bus shelter. That’s the first time the city has relocated a bus stop because of a homeless person, according to City Transportation Director Wayne Yoshioka.
The concrete bus shelter on Kapiolani Boulevard, right across from the Nordstrom store at Ala Moana, has been home to an elderly homeless woman for over a year.
“We were getting quite a few complaints from bus riders about her smell,” Yoshioka said. “We are trying to be as sensitive as possible,” he added, noting that it’s not illegal for the homeless to stay at bus shelters.
So the city moved the bus stop 60 feet down the street to the area in front of the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant on the corner of Kapiolani Boulevard and Keeaumoku Street.

Tow Strap Fail


Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know You Needed

Man had to pay nearly $50K for stolen laptop
A man convicted of stealing a laptop from a Utah art professor will have to pay nearly $50,000 restitution for the time the professor spent reassembling Powerpoint files that were lost.
The Utah Court of Appeals denied an appeal Wednesday in the case of Michael J. Birkeland, who pleaded no contest in 2008 to stealing the laptop.
Birkeland had argued that he shouldn't have to pay for Utah Valley University professor Perry Stewart's labor because Stewart was a salaried university employee.
An appeals court upheld a judge's decision that Birkeland should pay for more than 900 hours of work logged to rename and recreate about 27,000 files that were lost in the theft, since the professor did the work beyond his normal salaried duties.
Jail stops providing free underwear to men
A Florida sheriff said men booked into his county's jail are no longer being provided underwear free of charge, but they do have the option of purchasing pairs.
Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said the Polk County Jail canteen now sells underwear at $2.54 for a pair of briefs and $4.48 for a pair of boxer shorts.
"If they expect me to buy them, they're going to wear nothing," Judd said.
He said the policy, which does not apply to women booked into the jail, is projected to save the county $45,000 per year.
Judd said men are not allowed to bring their own underwear from outside because it takes workers too long to search the garments for drugs and weapons.
"This is all about a tough economy," Judd said. "Forty-five thousand dollars a year is someone's job."
Man leaving jail caught stealing from inmate
A man who was jailed in Baxter County is back in a cell after he was allegedly caught on camera stealing property from another inmate.
Sheriff John Montgomery says 27-year-old Matthew E. Tillery of Cotter was jailed in May on charges of nonpayment of fines and failure to appear in court. During his May 21 release, Montgomery says Tillery reached into another inmate's property box and took a wallet, cellphone and checkbook.
The theft was discovered two days later, deputies got a warrant for Tillery's arrest and picked him up without incident.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know You Needed

Man shaved ex-girlfriend's head
Police in Lynnwood, Wash., say a woman's former boyfriend broke into her apartment, held her down and shaved her head so she wouldn't be attractive to other men.
According to a Snohomish County police report, the woman ran to her bathroom and called 911 when the man showed up and yelled for her to open her door. Lynnwood officers say they arrived last Friday to find the front door kicked in, a man holding hair clippers and a 30-year-old woman crying and holding clumps of hair.
They say hair had been shaved from the right and back of the victim's head and her arms were bruised.
The woman told officers the man had been jealous and paranoid during their relationship. Police say the man admitted using multiple drugs that day.
He was booked into jail for investigation of burglary and unlawful imprisonment.
Homeless paid to loiter at vice mayor's home
Neighbors say a local radio host went too far Tuesday when he bused in groups of homeless people to huddle outside the home of Sarasota's vice mayor — a stunt organizer say was meant to put political pressure on city commissioners to crack down on homeless loitering downtown.
At least 30 homeless people were rounded up from area shelters and bused to a makeshift food line in a grassy median outside Vice Mayor Terry Turner's home.
The event was organized by Phil Grande, host of "Phil's Gang Radio Show" and the affluent downtown resident who helped push a slew of recent efforts to squeeze homeless people away from downtown condos.
Woman cuts off husband's penis
Police say a Southern California woman drugged her estranged husband, tied him to a bed, cut off his penis with a knife and threw it down a garbage disposal.
Garden Grove police Lt. Jeff Nightengale says 48-year-old Catherine Kieu Becker was booked at the Orange County Jail for investigation of aggravated mayhem, false imprisonment, assault with a deadly weapon, administering a drug with intent to commit a felony, poisoning and spousal abuse.
The 51-year-old victim's name was not released but Nightengale says he is in serious condition after surgery at a hospital. Nightengale says the woman told responding officers the victim "deserved it."
Thief takes 12-ton dump truck on 106-mile journey
Authorities say someone stole a 12-ton dump truck from a Columbus business and drove it 106 miles across Georgia before leaving it in a lot near Griffin.
Ricky Catrett, owner of Flat Rock Sand & Gravel, notified police when he noticed the truck was missing. Catrett said the dump truck was equipped with an advanced GPS tracking device, which showed that it was more than 100 miles away near Griffin. The GPS device created a record of the truck's journey, logging speed and location updates every five minutes. Catrett said the thief never went over the speed limit.
Spalding County sheriff's investigator Scott Piper said someone apparently tried to spray paint over the company logo on the dump truck, and also left the keys inside.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Georgie Hincapie's legs after riding 15 times of Tour de France


Japanese is making schoolgirls clean their male classmate’s urinals

Dog food that shames the Philippines

This is a shocking menu where half million dogs a year end up after being snatched off the streets and illegally killed in the Philippines.
After being trussed, muzzled with rusty cans and slaughtered, they end up in restaurants which flout the law to satisfy the growing taste for dog meat.
Customers dine on dog’s head, considered a delicacy, for the equivalent of £2.50.
A dish of dog liver costs about £1.80 while a particular favorite, deep fried paws, are just 85p. “Particularly popular is pulutan, a dog meat bar snack. Another very popular dish is deep fried dog paws, known as ‘spare parts’.

Ridge Climbing


Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know You Needed

Apology for email with female officers' bra sizes
Indianapolis police commander issued a personal apology to 13 female officers after their bra size; height and weight were included in a departmental email.
"We made a mistake," Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Deputy Chief Valerie Cunningham said. "We want to hold ourselves to the highest professional standards. The measurements should not have been included."
The email was sent to 37 commanders and was intended to tell supervisors to inform their officers that their new protective vests were ready to be picked up.
Attached to the email, however, was a spreadsheet listing the names and sizes of 91 officers, including the chest and waist sizes for 13 women whose vests needed special tailoring, Cunningham said.
United hails its 10-million-mile traveler
A Chicago-area auto sales consultant has become the first United Airlines frequent flyer to log 10 million miles in the air.
Tom Stuker of Bloomingdale, Ill., sets the record somewhere over Iowa on United Flight 942 from Los Angeles to Chicago.
Champagne was popped during the flight, and when he landed at O'Hare, United Chief Executive Officer Jeff Smisek and other executives welcomed him with the first titanium Mileage Plus membership card. His name also was painted on the fuselage of a Boeing 747 jet, after already adorning one of United's 777s.
14 million bees were spilled on Idaho highway
Cleanup crews in Idaho have finished clearing honey and an estimated 14 million bees that got loose after a delivery truck overturned on a highway.
Fremont County Sheriff deputies say several workers were stung during the first few hours of the cleanup.
Some observers report seeing a strange black cloud and roaring noise above the spill area before realizing it was a massive swarm of bees.
Authorities say a truck was hauling the bees from California to North Dakota when the driver veered off the shoulder, tipping more than 400 hive boxes and honey.
Crews worked all day removing the honey from the roadway, though deputies say a significant amount of bees were still buzzing.
Sheriff selling pink underwear to the public 
The Arizona sheriff famous for making prisoners wear pink underwear is introducing a Spanish-language version of the shorts he sells to the public.
Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio began issuing pink underwear to inmates more than 15 years ago to cut down on theft. He began selling them to the public after speaking about them on national television.
The versions that went on sale are imprinted with "Vamos Jose!" The original shorts, also $15, feature a sheriff's star and a "Go Joe" logo.
"Vamos" translates to "We go" in English. A similar-sounding word, "Vamanos," means "Let's go!" in Spanish. A more accurate translation of "Go Joe!" would be "Andale, Jose!"
Woman attacks with frying pan when she was refused a razor
A North Naples woman is accused of hitting her live-in boyfriend on the head with a frying pan after he refused to let her use his razor.
Collier County deputies arrested Mary G. Batson, 22, of the 11000 block of Windsong Circle, at home on a battery charge.
Batson’s boyfriend, with whom she has a child, told deputies that his girlfriend became angry with him when he refused to let her borrow his razors to use in the shower.
According to the arrest report, Batson began attacking her boyfriend while he attempted to hide the razors. After first being clawed and scratched by the woman on his face and chest, the victim told deputies that his girlfriend then grabbed a frying pan and hit him on the head with it, leaving significant cuts on his face.
Batson stated that she slammed the pan against the counter during the altercation but denied striking him on the head with it, according to reports.
Strip Search at a Strip Club
Four exotic dancers and two female bartenders in Daytona Beach, Fla., this week were awarded $195,000 in federal court to compensate them for illegal strip searches conducted during a drug raid at a gentlemen's club.
The women who endured the improper searches will each get $5,000, while their lawyers are the big winners, banking $165,000.
Besides using a search warrant the judge ruled was illegal, the strip searches took place in front of 20 male police officers or, as it happens, 91 percent of the city of Daytona Beach Shores public safety officers, given the city's Web site says there are 22 public safety officers on the police force.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know You Needed

Man finds 'toenail in pizza'
Supermarket chain Asda has ordered an investigation into claims of a toenail being found in one of its pizzas.
Shereena Pengelly claims she was having dinner at her sister's house in Kemsley when her brother-in-law discovered the offending object in to the Chosen By You deep pan pepperoni pizza at.
"He took a mouthful and thought it was a bit of onion as you do sometimes get a tough bit. He picked it out and held it up and was like 'what's this?'
"It was absolutely disgusting. He was sick all night and the following day.
"It says on the box it's topped with spicy tomato sauce, creamy mozzarella and sliced pepperoni - it doesn't say anything about toenails.
Woman chops off her ex-husband's genitals
Karachi: An attempt by a Pakistani man to get in touch with his divorced wife ended in disaster as the woman chopped off his genitals in a city hotel.
Abid Pervaiz, 25, was lucky to have survived the attack, a doctor on duty said.
"He was brought to the Jinnah hospital in a bad shape with severe genital mutilation wounds. It is a miracle that the man had survived despite severe bleeding," doctor said.
According to Mehmoodabad police station's duty officer SI Mohammad Azeem, Abid hails from Sukkur and was living with some distant relatives.
He was divorced, but began communicating with his ex-wife again. The couple decided to meet again and hired a room at a city hotel, where the woman mixed some sleeping pills in his juice.
When Abid woke up, he discovered that his genitals had been cut off, Azeem said. 
"Abid told me that before he passed out completely, he heard his former wife speaking to someone on the phone, saying that she had carried out her plan," the officer said.
Man with tractor pushed sheriff car off his property
A Canadian man was charged with assault after he allegedly scooped up a sheriff's car with a forklift and carried it off his property, police said.
The Royal Canadian Mounted Police said Wilfred Doyle, 45, of St. Andrews also was charged with mischief and obstructing a police officer as well as assault with a deadly weapon after the run-in at his home last week.
The Mounties told the C.B.C. that the sheriff went to Doyle's place on Prince Edwards Island to serve him a court order. Doyle turned the routine process into a confrontation when he fired up his tractor, which was equipped with a forklift, and pushed the car out of his yard.
Doyle was released after spending a night in jail.

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Woman dies after doggie sex

A 43-year-old woman died after suffering a massive allergic reaction brought on after she had sex with a dog in Limerick.
The woman, a mother of four children, suffered the reaction to the dog’s semen after willingly engaging in sex acts with the Alsatian dog in a house in the Patrickswell area of the county.
The woman passed away shortly after having sex with the dog, and after investigation it was confirmed that her death occurred due to an adverse reaction suffered after having sex with the animal.
An ambulance was called on the night that she died and rushed the woman to the Mid-Western Hospital, where she passed away.
A source said that the unfortunate woman involved came in contact with a man who provided the dog on an internet chat room. “Both these people would have been visiting bestiality websites and at some stage it appears they agreed to meet up for sex,” the source said.

An arsonist has been banned from owning matches for life.

John Anthony Bell today received the life-time ban, from possessing matches, lighters and accelerants, under an ASBO. If he breaks it, he could face a jail sentence.
It emerged that he had been responsible for starting a series of fires across North Wales – then he rang the fire service.
Mold Crown Court heard how Bell, 27, had been depressed and drawing attention to himself.
North Wales Fire and Rescue Service had spent more than £16,000 tacking the fires he started in Rhos on Sea, Old Colwyn and in Holywell, North Wales.
But significantly their time was being diverted from potentially life-threatening incidents, the court heard.
Bell was tracked down after fire service personnel noticed that his mobile phone number was appearing a large number of times to when fires were being reported.

Police arrested him and he admitted that he was responsible for starting more than 50 separate fires in wheelie bins, skips (Dumpsters), sheds, hedges, fencing panels, rubbish and even grass fires.

Spending spree lands woman in jail

A woman loaded up her cart with $4,752.45 worth of items at Wal-Mart, and then tried to pay with a credit card that turned out to be stolen, authorities said.
A suspicious sales clerk refused to complete the transaction. Deputies arrested Adrienne Kelly Lipsey, 29, on charges of grand theft and fraudulent use of a credit card.
The card, deputies determined, belonged to the 89-year-old best friend of Lipsey's grandmother.
While the Walmart on State Road 54 did not allow any purchases on the card. Lipsey however racked up $99.97 in charges at a Kangaroo gas station, Redbox video rental and 7-Eleven, the Pasco County Sheriff's Office said. Lipsey, of Holiday, remains in Land O'Lakes jail in lieu of $8,000 bail.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

World's steepest roller-coaster opens in Japan

World's steepest roller-coaster opens in Japan
Watch Japan's Takabisha roller-coaster test run of the world's steepest roller-coaster, with a 141ft drop.
The Fuji-Q Highland Amusement Park has unveiled its 14th Guinness world record-breaking ride – the Takabisha roller-coaster.
Nestled at the foot of Mount Fuji, the new track features a 141ft single vertical fall at 121 degrees, making it the steepest roller-coaster drop in the world.
Costing three billion yen (£23 million) to build, the Takabisha steals the title from Mumbo Jumbo in Yorkshire, which features a 98ft drop at 112 degrees.
The Takabisha, which means "highflying car" runs over 0.6 miles of track and offers panoramic views of Mount Fuji for park-goers to appreciate in the 112 second hair-raising ride.
The attraction will fully open to the public on July 16.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Boy seems to attract metal objects

An 11-year-old boy in Brazil's northeastern city of Mossoro is drawing attention with his purportedly magnet-like qualities.
Paulo David Amorim demonstrating how forks, knives, scissors, cooking pans, cameras and other metal objects seem drawn to his body and remain stuck on his chest, stomach and back.
The boy's father tells that he decided to test his son after learning of a boy in Croatia with a similar ability. Junior Amorim says he was surprised to find "a fork and knife stuck to his body."
The youth says classmates call him "magnet boy."
Dr. Dix-Sept Rosado Sobrinho tells Globo it is the first time in his 30-year career that he has seen a case like this.

Ape with an Ak-47


Friday, July 8, 2011

Picture Day

Hairless Rat
All Aboard
Distresses Cows
There go and trim the grass 

Use It Not Abuse It - Woman faked her own kidnapping

Authorities in Horry County say a woman who called 911 from the trunk of her car to say she was kidnapped made up the story.
Investigators say the 24-year-old woman called for help around noon, telling police she was pulled out of her car by a man while stopped at a traffic light in Conway.
The woman told police the man held a knife to her throat, put her in her trunk and drove off.
It took officers about 30 minutes to find the woman using the signal from her cell phone.
Police say the woman is in custody, but no charges have been filed. They did not say why she claimed she was kidnapped.

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know You Needed

"Ohhh, when I get out of jail you two are SO GROUNDED!"
Authorities say a Utah man was arrested after his two children called police to report that he had marijuana in the house.
The man was charged with two third-degree felony charges of child endangerment and one class B misdemeanor accusing him of possession of a controlled substance.
The man's name wasn't reported.
The newspaper says the man was found to have 23.9 grams, or almost an ounce, of marijuana in his Salt Lake City home.
Authorities say his children, ages 13 and 12, found the drug and called police.
GI Little Jim arrested with blowup doll
A Woodbridge man has been charged with burglary and destruction of property after he was arrested in the closet of an adult video store with a blow-up doll. William County say the man, 28-year-old Justin Dale Little Jim, is an officer in the U.S. Army.
Authorities in Prince
Police responded to a burglary at the MVC Late Night adult store in Woodbridge and found the glass front door shattered and unlocked. A police dog was sent in and led officers to a closet.
Prosecutors told that Little Jim was attempting to have sexual relations with the doll.
Woman lay dead in house for eight years
The skeletal remains of a woman whose death went unnoticed for eight years were found.
Police discovered the corpse of the elderly woman, who died in 2003, after a call from her only known relative — a sister-in-law from whom she was estranged.
The woman, Natalie Wood, who would have been aged 86, was still receiving a pension but the house’s electricity had long been disconnected. Her remains were found on the upstairs bedroom floor of her terrace home
Police said they were contacted by Ms Wood’s dead brother’s sister who had tried to make contact with her to pass on some family information. Family relations were “fractious” and the women had not been in contact since 2003.
“Something occurred within the family that I can’t go into that forced her to make contact,” acting superintendent, Zoran Dzevlan said. There are no other relatives alive except the sister-in-law
The unassuming white two-storey terrace was furnished but did not appear to have been entered for years.
Neighbors said Ms Wood had not seen for 20 years and they believed the house was abandoned.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Eating fish can be bad for you

A couple endured a health nightmare after tiny worms with teeth began eating through their bodies. It is the first time humans have been infected by the parasite in Australia.
Alfred hospital infectious disease physician Andrew Fuller said that when the couple ate the fish, believed to be a black bream, they also ingested the gnathostomiasis larvae.
"The worms are 1-3mm long and have got these sharp little teeth and they can go anywhere they like in the body," Dr Fuller said.
The worm works its way around the human body until it dies or is killed by the immune system.
"They move under the skin and cause itchy lumps that can make you feel sick - and it can be very hard to diagnose."
The infected couple suffered muscle pain, fevers, vomiting and their skin began to look like orange peel.
They were given antibiotics and have recovered.
The worms can stay in a human for 15 years, leaving people chronically ill. They can make their way into the brain, other organs and the spinal cord. "They eat your tissues," Dr Fuller said.