Saturday, April 30, 2011

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know You Needed

NY inmate separates guards fighting over food
Talk about a role-reversal: Two New York jail guards are in trouble after an inmate stepped in to break up their fight over food.
Erie County Undersheriff Mark Wipperman says both corrections officers are suspended with pay after what he calls an "embarrassment."
The inmate required medical attention but Wipperman says privacy laws prevent him from disclosing his injuries. He says the inmate got between the unarmed guards because he didn't want either to get fired.
He wouldn't confirm that it was started over a bag of chips. It happened at Erie County Correctional Facility in a dorm-like building.
Wipperman identified the officers as Lawrence Mule, a 26-year veteran, and James Conlin, who was hired 29 years ago. A message with the officers' union wasn't immediately returned.
Man tells police he was robbed while buying drugs
Authorities in Colorado Springs, Colorado say a man told police he was robbed at gunpoint by people he was trying to buy drugs from.
Authorities say the man called police about 12 hours later when he spotted a car the alleged robbers used. Police arrested three people when they returned to the vehicle.
Police say the three are accused of stealing a cell phone, $35 in cash and $40 worth of drugs. It wasn't immediately clear who the drugs were allegedly stolen from.
Police say they're still investigating.
The name of the man who called police hasn't been made public. It's wasn't immediately known whether he will face charges.
Homeless man robs bank, gives away the money
Authorities say a homeless man robbed a Tampa bank, fled on a city bus and handed out stolen cash to passengers.
Hillsborough County Sheriff's deputies say 27-year-old Elmer McGuirt handed a note demanding money to a Wachovia Bank teller.
Witnesses told deputies he then got on the bus and started handing out money, keeping some of the cash for himself.
The sheriff's office contacted the bus driver, who stopped the bus and pretended to have mechanical failure. Deputies arrested McGuirt and were also able to get some of the money back from passengers.
McQuirt now faces robbery charges. He is in the Hillsborough County Jail.
Disguised Robbers Steal Paintball Guns
Harford County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to an armed robbery that occurred at JC Paintballs located on Tollgate Road in Bel Air, MD.
The two suspects entered the store, threatened the store owner and a juvenile employee with a knife before proceeding to steal an assortment of paintball guns, CO2 cartridges, paintball masks and various paintball supplies.
The suspects are described as two white males in their early to mid 20’s who had applied heavy spray on tan applications (described a dark bronze/black in color) in order to disguise themselves.
Leaking Massachusetts house dials 911 for help
After months of enduring a leaking pipe that buckled its floors and caused its ceiling to sag, an empty Marblehead, Massachusetts house somehow called police for help.
A 911 call went out to police from a house in Marblehead on Wednesday after water short-circuited the phone system, apparently sparking the emergency call.
Officers were sent to the address after the call was recorded as a hang up and a return call got static.
Inside, they found the wreckage, including potentially toxic mold, from a pipe that apparently burst during the winter.
Officials say the interior may have to be gutted.
Police couldn't immediately locate owner James Cowen. His cousin, William Cowen, said he's not worried. He says James was left financially secure by his father and often travels.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know You Needed

Man on bicycle robs Dunkin' Donuts
Authorities in Meriden, Conn. says a man with 45 previous arrests for robbery was arrested again after allegedly bicycling up to a Dunkin' Donuts drive-through window, threatening the clerk and pedaling away with a register drawer full of cash, police said.
Vernon Lewis, 42, then nearly collided with a police officer near City Hall who was responding to another call, police said.
After learning that the Dunkin' Donuts had been robbed, the officer found Lewis near the public library, police said. He was carrying over $300 in cash, police said.
Dunkin' Donuts employees and customers identified Lewis as the alleged robber, police said.
He faces charges of first-degree robbery, second-degree larceny, second-degree threatening, interfering with police and brandishing a facsimile firearm.
Police Failed
If you're in Buffalo and see a man handcuffed to a chair, call police. They'd like the chair back, along with the guy cuffed to it.
Authorities are looking for a robbery suspect who escaped from a Buffalo police station by slipping out a back door while handcuffed to a chair.
Police said that 58-year-old John Caesar of Buffalo was taken into custody Tuesday for questioning in connection with the theft of money from the Anchor Bar, the restaurant known for inventing the city's famous chicken wings.
Officials say Caesar was handcuffed to a chair in a police station when he escaped around 4 p.m. Police say the chair is missing and Caesar may still be handcuffed to it.
Woman tried to buy her father a prostitute
A 51-year-old woman tried to buy her 80-year-old father the services of a prostitute over Easter weekend, Tampa police said.
The pair, who listed their hometown as Dubuque, Iowa, was arrested on Nebraska Avenue, an area of Tampa known for prostitution activity.
According to the arrest affidavit, 51-year-old Pia Kirchberg offered an undercover police officer $20 if she would have sex with Kirchberg's elderly father.
Both Pia Kirchberg and 80-year-old Maurice Kirchberg were charged with soliciting for prostitution.
The father and daughter were among eight people arrested in the sex sting.
"Prostitution is illegal.  It doesn't matter how old you are," said police spokesperson Laura McElroy. "If we catch you trying to solicit a prostitute you're going to jail."
If there is a will there’s a way
Inmate sneaked contraband into jail using his testicles
Hernando County Sheriff's Office says two inmates were charged recently with possession of contraband – and one of them said he smuggled the tobacco into the jail by tucking them between his private parts.
Derrick Joseph Loreto, 25, of Hudson, and John Michael Colon, 25, of Spring Hill, were searched by detention deputies – who discovered tobacco in their possession, according to the Sheriff's Office.
A deputy said he searched Loreto and discovered tobacco in a blue latex glove stuffed into his sock.
Four days later, Detective Anthony Scarpati interviewed Loreto, who told him he smuggled the contraband into the jail by concealing it between his penis and testicles, according to report.
Colon's cell was also searched and loose tobacco was discovered in paper concealed inside a latex glove, which was tucked in a pillow in his bunk, deputies said. Colon said he obtained the contraband from another inmate a month earlier, according to the report. Colon said he intended to resell the tobacco, deputies said.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Delhi man gets tattoos of flags to promote world peace

A 70-year-old businessman from Delhi has tattooed 305 flags of different countries on his body to promote amity among nations. Har Prakash, who also likes to call himself Guinness Rishi, hopes to get more flags inked on his body and create a new world record.
“People call me a joker, a mad man. It doesn’t bother me,” Prakash said. He is currently in Kathmandu, Nepal, to attend the first international tattoo conference.
The tattoos on his body include 305 flags of different countries, 185 maps, 165 mini-flags and 2,985 characters. “My dream is to go around the world several times,” he said.


Bodies found buried in manure pile

The bodies of two unidentified men were discovered Sunday buried in a 15-foot-tall pile of manure at a small horse farm in Gary Indiana.
A man who kept horses at the stable noticed an arm sticking out of the massive pile of manure and called police, said Gary Det. Cpl. Mike Barnes.
Police unearthed the body and used a backhoe to sift through the steaming mound of composting manure in search of other remains, eventually finding the second body, Barnes said.
"It was the biggest pile of (manure) I have ever seen," Barnes said. "They've been putting it back there for years."
The Lake County Coroner’s office has made a preliminary finding of homicide, but further details are pending completion of a full autopsy.
The farm is surrounded by wooded wetlands at the dead end street The pile is near the rear of the property and can be reached without walking past the stables or houses on the property, Barnes said.

Workmen fill in pothole with remains of rabbit carcass

Workmen tarred over a dead rabbit as they filled in a hole in the road. Carl Garnham, 41, was shocked to find a newly-repaired pothole with the rabbit’s body sticking out from under the patch.
He said: “I was out with a friend heading to the Strines pub when we parked to admire the view – and saw the pothole.
“At the time we laughed a little about it and thought that the workers who had filled in the hole had maybe a strange sense of humor or perhaps were running out of patching tar. God forbid they start filling potholes in with cats and dogs!
“It is all very funny but what about the damage to the car suspensions because of poor road maintenance. Do they need qualifications to fill these potholes?”

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know You Needed

'Females are failed males,' says 16th century book
A guide written in 1505 has been found and it contains 'secrets' about females that take political incorrectness to extremes.
Perhaps the worst of the advice is that ‘females are failed males’. The book, De Secretis Mulerium (The Secrets of Women), also suggests men wanting to check if a woman is a virgin should ask her to sniff lettuce. If she then wants to go to the toilet she is ‘corrupted’.
Other revelations include women being able to kill animals with a glance during their time of the month and odd food cravings in pregnancy being down to ‘evil humors’.
Husbands who want a male child are told to give their wives wine that contains the pulverized womb and intestines of a hare. Once pregnant, the female will have a girl if her left breast is bigger than her right and a boy if it’s the right.
Females charged in fight over a restroom
An 18-year-old woman has been charged in an attack on a transgender woman over using a McDonald's restroom in a Baltimore suburb of Rosedale.
Police announced Monday that Teonna Monae Brown was arrested Friday and charged with first- and second-degree assault.
A video of the April 18 fight posted online shows an assault by two young women on 22-year-old Chrissy Lee Polis.
Polis said that before she was attacked she heard a teen say she was a man using the women's restroom. According to charging documents, a 14-year-old girl charged as a juvenile in the case told police that she and Brown fought with Polis over using the restroom.
Hacking case involves preteens, sex pics
Two Issaquah, Wash., preteen girls accused of hacking into a classmate's Facebook page and posting sexually explicit photos and messages have been charged with cyberstalking and first-degree computer trespassing.
The girls, ages 11 and 12, have been under investigation since the alleged victim's family contacted Issaquah police on March 18, according to the charges filed Tuesday in King County Juvenile Court.
According to the charges, the two defendants used the victim's password information to post sexually explicit content on her Facebook page. They also posted messages that indicated the victim was willing to perform sex acts on people.
The defendants instant-messaged some boys to arrange dates where sex acts were to be performed by the victim, according to the charges.

Man Arrested Wearing a G-String and Scrunchie

Police in Lodi, Calif. arrested Shawn Batie, 42, at 9:41 p.m. on Friday night after they said he was found under the influence of methamphetamines.

Officers responded to a call where a man later identified as Batie was found standing in the dirt next to the cemetery with a flashlight, yelling in the dark.
Police said that Batie was wearing an Oakland Raiders jacket, a g-string and a hair scrunchie around his genitals. He was also wearing socks.
Officers said that he was very jittery and his pupils were dilated. They took him into custody on suspicion of being under the influence, which was later confirmed at the jail where it was discovered that he was also a parolee at-large, police said.

Biker towing a car in Brazil


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know You Needed

Clean up in aisle 3
Man urinated on cough drops at Walgreen’s
Police say the unknown man looked around, unzipped his pants and urinated on 110 packages.
Sanford police are looking for a man who urinated on more than 100 unopened cough-drop packages at Walgreen’s last week the store at 2501 S. French Ave.
at about 10:30 p.m. Thursday and walked to the cough-drop aisle unzipped his pants and urinated on 110 packages of cough drops.
Afterward he walked to the pharmacy and tried to fill a prescription, but didn't have the correct paperwork. He then left the store.
The store's video surveillance system captured the incident and police are working to identify the man.
Man specialized in hospitals
James Darnell Spence Jr., 57 has placed more than 300 sexually threatening calls to hospitals around the country, according to Jacksonville police.
At first Spence was charged with only two misdemeanors because authorities couldn't determine there was an actual sexual assault victim.
But a federal grand jury stepped up the ante: Spence has now been charged eight counts of telephoning threats in interstate commerce. All eight calls threatening rape or molestation of young girls were to hospitals in Nebraska and Missouri.
Each count carries a maximum five-year term.
According to Jacksonville police, when the U.S. Marshals Fugitive Task Force caught up to Spence, he had photocopied pages of a national hospital directory with him.
Judge reduce the fine for the cursing teacher
A New York City schoolteacher accused of using a Spanish vulgarity in his classroom has gotten a judge to reduce his $15,000 fine to $1,000.
A ruling filed Monday says the initial penalty was "disproportionate" in Carlos Garcia's case.
The high school teacher was suspended and fined last year after students said he used a Spanish curse word. He denied it and said a court interpreter miscast the term during a disciplinary hearing.
The word's literal translation refers to female sexual organs, but its usage varies. Some speakers consider it offensive. To others, it's a fairly harmless expression of frustration or joy.
City lawyers say they're weighing options after seeing the ruling. They've said the language was inappropriate and the penalty was warranted.
Elderly couple gets $10K in pot
Police say an elderly Pennsylvania couple was the unintended recipient of a very seedy delivery: a five-pound brick of marijuana.
Police in Upper Darby, just outside Philadelphia, say the couple paid little attention to the package when it was delivered last week. Not recognizing the name, they left it on their porch, expecting it to be picked up.
When nobody claimed the package, the couple opened it to find what police say was $10,000 in high-grade marijuana.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Public Urinals

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Man arrested 120 times

A judge's effort to stop a 67-year-old homeless man's streak of arrests came too late.
Grady Bell, who has been arrested at least 120 times since 1998, was charged with sexual battery and held in lieu of $101,000 bail.
Bell stood before Palm Beach County Circuit Judge Krista Marx on a trespassing charge. In an effort to halt the constant arrests, she ordered him to be held for 24 hours to undergo a mental evaluation.
Assorted Mug Shots
Within hours, though, the Delray Beach Police Department came forth with new charges against Bell, this time for sexual battery.
According to the arrest report, police were called to Delray Medical Center, where a 42-year-old woman said she had been drinking with Bell in a parking lot when she passed out drunk.
The woman said she was later awakened by a mutual friend, who said he saw Bell sexually assaulting her, the report stated. When Bell was questioned by the police, he responded, "I probably did that," according to the report.
The charge is one of the most serious lodged against Bell since his first arrest in April 1998, according to Palm Beach County Jail records. Previous charges include trespassing, indecent exposure, simple battery and consuming alcohol in public.

Paint-huffing husband hauled to jail

A Fort Wayne, Ind. man was charged with inhaling toxic vapors after his wife called police and told them he was huffing paint in their apartment.
According to a Fort Wayne Police Department report, when an officer arrived at the apartment, Elizabeth Gibson said she and her husband Kelly had been in an argument and he had gone upstairs to huff paint.
The report said since she was afraid to go inside, she handed the officer her keys and followed him up.
When the officer opened the door, the entire apartment smelled of paint fumes and Kelly was found sitting on the couch with his shirt off, and his hands, mouth, nose and chin covered in silver paint.
Police said Kelly had a can of silver spray paint in his right hand and a paint-covered plastic bag in his left.
The officer said Kelly had a dazed, glassy-eyed look about him and was unsteady on his feet.
Kelly was taken to the Allen County Jail and charged with inhaling toxic vapors.
This incident was the 48th time Kelly was charged with inhaling since 1992.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know You Needed

Man jailed for ejaculating into co-worker's water bottle
Orange County man has been sentenced to six months in jail for ejaculating into the water bottle of a woman co-worker, who unknowingly sipped from it.
Michael Kevin Lallana of Fullerton was sentenced Friday following his earlier conviction on two misdemeanor counts of battery he got 180 days in jail and must register as a sex offender..
Authorities say the woman sipped from the bottle that January, noticed a foul taste and threw it out. She noticed the same taste again that April, became suspicious and sent the bottle to a lab for testing.
Police in Orange questioned company employees and Lallana eventually confessed.
Bragging nabs four in bank robbery
Facebook bragging about bucks has led to four suspects accused of holding up a Houston bank.
The postings about the March 23 robbery of International Bank of Commerce were included in a criminal complaint unsealed this week. The arrests, including two bank employees, were announced Thursday.
Security video shows two armed, masked suspects robbing the bank and fleeing with about $62,000.
A tip directed law officers to a pair of Facebook pages. Federal investigators say one suspect's Facebook page boasted: "IM RICH." Another said: "WIPE MY ASS WITH HUNDREDS."
Woman denies biting off boyfriend's testicles
Mother of four Maria Topp, who is accused of biting off her boyfriend's testicles, has denied grievous bodily harm in a court hearing today.
The 43-year-old allegedly savaged Martin Douglas at his Newcastle flat.
Mr. Douglas required emergency hospital treatment for the injuries caused.
Swas granted bail until her two or three-day trial, which will be fixed later.
In 2005, a woman who admitted to ripping her ex-boyfriend's testicle off with her bare hands after he refused to sleep with her was jailed for two and a half years.

Tattoo leads to murder conviction

A gang member has been convicted of murder after police used the man's chest tattoo to prove his guilt.
The murder of 23-year-old John Juarez had remained unsolved since January 2004 when he was gunned down outside an off-licence in Pico Rivera, a Hispanic area 11 miles south-east of Los Angeles.
In 2008, LAPD Sergeant Kevin Lloyd however solved the case when he noticed a mugshot of Rivera 13 member Anthony Garcia. He was arrested in October 2008. Police officers then got a confession when they posed as gang members in his jail cell and listened to Garcia brag about the shooting.
In the mugshot, a bare chested Garcia, 25, displayed his elaborate tattoo, which was effectively a retelling of the murder scene.
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The body art included the scene outside the off licence, Mr Ed's Liquor, the words "Rivera Kills", in ference to the gang, and an illustration of a helicopter firing guns at the victim, who was depicted as Mr. Peanuts. Garcia's nickname is "Chopper", while Juarez belonged to a gang called Pico Nuevo, nicknamed "peanuts", but rival gangs.
Garcia is due to be sentenced next month. Mr Lunsford said he potentially faces 65 years to life in prison.

Friday, April 22, 2011

12-year-old girl attempts to rob a market with a loaded gun

Father of 12-year-old who tried to rob store with loaded gun says she did it to try and save her home
The father of a 12-year-old Michigan girl who tried to rob a store over the weekend says she did it because she thought she could save her house. “She’s always been a very good and caring child,” said her father. “That’s a girl that just turned 12-yrs-old here last month,” he said.
Police say the 12-year-old covered her face and then walked into the Country Lake Store near her home, pointed a loaded handgun at an employee and demanded money. She was disarmed by an employee and cried while police were called.

Lead stolen from hospital roof

Thieves climbed over a high wall and through barbed wire to steal the roof from a mini hospital at a Great Yarmouth model village - and pocketed less than £50 worth of lead for their efforts.
Merrivale Model Village on Marine Parade was hit by the theft, described as “bizarre and sad”, between Monday evening and Tuesday morning. It has resulted in a nine feet long hospital needing a new roof, which may cost as much as £1,800 for the insurance company to replace if they decide it needs to be made from carbon fiber.
Peter Williamson runs the village said: “When I found out on Tuesday morning there was almost a sense of disbelief that someone could scale an eight foot wall and get through five feet of barbed wire for such a small amount of lead and risk so much in the process.

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know You Needed

Robber's demand note had his name on it
Dover, Del. Police say a robber made their jobs easy by handing a convenience store clerk a demand note that had his name on the back.
Thirty-six-year-old Bruce Manlove was arrested shortly after the robbery early Wednesday. He's accused of stealing 17 packs of Newport cigarettes.
Police say Manlove walked into a 7-Eleven around 3:15 a.m. and handed the clerk a note that read, "This is a robbery."
The clerk handed over the cigarettes but refused to give the note back. Police say the note was written on the back of Manlove's Department of Correction paperwork.
Police spokesman Capt. Tim Stump says this was one of the occasions when a defendant makes things easy for investigators.
Man dumped $200 worth of gas
Police in Connecticut says a man poured about $200 worth of gasoline onto a city street then went to a scrap metal yard and tried to sell the empty container worth $60.
Emilio Valentine, 52 of Bridgeport was charged with illegally dumping hazardous material. He was released on a promise to appear in court.
Stephen Scholz of PC Metals said that when Valentine brought the metal container to us it was still dripping when he pulled into the scrap yard. Scholz told Valentine to leave.
The state Department of Environmental Protection cleaned up the mess.
Robber got 7-year prison term for 86 cents
An N.Y. man who took part in a robbery that netted him and his accomplice less than a dollar in change will spend up to seven years in state prison.
"You and your accomplice robbed this man, and he was shot, and all you got was 86 cents," Dutchess County Court Judge Stephen L. Greller told Michael Armstrong, 22, as he imposed the sentence.
Armstrong admitted last month that he and Devonte Burks, 18, accosted a man and demanded money.
Burks acknowledged during his plea last month that he was holding a handgun that went off during the robbery, seriously injuring the victim. He contended that the shooting had been accidental.
Both men entered guilty pleas to first-degree robbery, a felony.
As part of their plea agreements, Armstrong and Burks will be ordered to pay the victim $65,031 for his medical bills.
Male who wore heels to high school!
The school dress code sets a standard. So when a male student at Riverview High School in Florida decided to wear heels to school on Friday, an assistant principal asked him to take off his shoes.
"It really wasn't a dress code violation, but a matter of his own well-being, and if the attire causes disruption," explains Riverview principal Bob Heilmann.
"It also says you're not supposed to be discriminated against by race, sexuality or religion. If girls can wear heels, why can't boys wear heels?" 11th grader Morgan Rodgers says about the dress code policy.
Rodgers says school administrators should have left the student alone. “By pulling him out of class, I feel it caused more of a distraction than him actually wearing the heels."
To show their support, some students made tags for classmates to wear. One tag says "support diversity" and they didn't stop there.
Rodgers and her friends set up a theme week. On Monday everyone would wear heels, Tuesday cross dress and on Wednesday girls wear blue and boys pink.
The principal is wearing his pink tie. Heilmann says, "I think the message to the school to all of us is, respect everybody whoever they may be."
On Tuesday another male student wore his girlfriend's dress to school. The principal and the student's father asked him to change his clothes.

Man accused of gouging uncle's eyeballs out

A judge has denied bail to a Prichard man accused of gouging out his uncle’s eyeballs with a spoon. Timayo Knight, 31, appeared briefly before District Judge Michael McMaken, who refused to set a bail. Knight, who is being held in Mobile County Metro Jail, is charged with first-degree assault.

Prichard police were called to the 300 block of Bronner Street
on Monday evening and found 79-year-old Bonnie Pogue bleeding from his face. Investigators later found Pogue’s eyeballs in a trashcan and a bloody spoon on a kitchen counter, according to police, and Knight was still inside the house.

What a stupid idea

Workforce Central Florida has pulled its controversial "Cape-A-Bility" campaign. The campaign handed out actual capes to people looking for jobs.  A lot of people complained it was not only a waste of money, it was also demeaning.

Workforce Central Florida Vice President Kimberly Sullivan picked her words very carefully.
Sullivan never said outright the campaign was a mistake.
What she did say time and time again, is that Workforce Central Florida never meant to offend anyone, and as soon as people started complaining, it was pulled.
The 6,000 capes cost more than $14,000 -- that was part of an overall $73,000 campaign that used both federal and non-federal funds.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Viagra beer to mark royal wedding

British brewers have created the world's first beer laced with Viagra
Drinking just three bottles of Royal Virility Performance is equivalent to taking one of the blue pills, according to makers BrewDog.
The 7.5 per cent ABV India Pale Ale also contains extra aphrodisiacs including Horny Goat Weed and even chocolate.
The label features the cheeky words 'Arise Prince Willy'. BrewDog has sent several bottles to Prince William for the wedding night.
James Watt, co-founder of BrewDog, said: "As the bottle says, this is about consummation, not commemoration."
Just 40 bottles of the £10 tipple will be produced initially, and will go on sale on 29 April at with all proceeds going to the charity Centrepoint.
Buyers will be limited to one bottle each due to the powerful effects. The firm plan to continue production if it is a success.


Fake U.S. coins from China seized

Chicago Customs and Border Protection intercepted a shipment of counterfeit coins from China last week. After noticing an irregularity in the X-ray of a heavy package being sent to an Illinois residence, customs officials say they discovered 361 coins that appeared to be U.S. Trade Dollar coins with dates between 1873 and 1878. Analysis of the coins revealed that they were made of brass with a thin silver-plated coating.
According to a news release from U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the original U.S. Trade Dollar coin was minted from 1873 to 1878. Customs officials say some of these coins can be sold for as much as $2,000.
According to officials, the recipient of the shipment was intending to sell the fake coins online.
"Legitimate traders are being duped into buying these coins believing they are genuine," said David Murphy, CBP Director of Field Operations in Chicago. "We strongly recommend buyers or any consumers to be aware and use caution when making these types of purchases on the Internet."
Customs officers screen international mail looking for any type of contraband, counterfeit or prohibited items being shipped to the United States.

Sluts and Sex


Sign displays promise to would-be burglars

A son, wanting to protect his family's Hudson TX home, had a large sign made for his front yard. He says it's a promise, not a threat, to would-be burglars.

Steve Holland's 71 year-old mother, Claudia, had just turned off the TV around 11:30 p.m. when she heard a "whop" sound as someone kicked open her front door.
She says her three dogs, Jessie, Hank and Speedy went nuts, barking ferociously at the people on the other side of the door.
She called police, and she now has a new door and deadbolt.  However, that wasn't enough for her son.
"The idea that if she hadn't had those dogs to kind of scare them off... what could've happened," said Steve Holland.
Still, he wanted to do something else to keep the home safer.  He immediately called his friends at Lufkin's Adfab to make the large sign for the front yard.
"I just wanted to put out a big enough message not just to whoever broke-in, but the rest of the community," said Steve.
It was put on the lawn just a few days ago, and already the family has gotten so many calls laughing at the sign. Steve says it's not a joke; there are three guns in the home.
"You're lucky she dialed 9-1-1 instead of getting the gun out of her walker," said Steve.
He says whoever tries to break-in next won't be as fortunate.

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know You Needed

RI man's 1974 traffic violation dismissed
A Rhode Island man has finally settled a warrant issued for a traffic violation in Massachusetts nearly four decades ago.
Michael Young, of Warwick, R.I., asked a judge in Attleboro District Court on Tuesday to dismiss a driving to endanger charge issued in September 1974.
He was 23 at the time. The now 60-year-old told the court he found out about the warrant recently when he went to conduct business at the Rhode Island Registry of Motor Vehicles.
Judge Daniel O'Shea noted that half the people in court had not even been born at the time of the traffic violation. He granted Young's request, dismissing the case with payment of $100 in court costs.
Prosecutors agreed with the dismissal.
Robber's outfit same as in Facebook
The FBI says a man charged with robbing five Detroit-area banks was caught after investigators matched him to photos on Facebook.
Anthony Wilson was indicted Tuesday, two months after his arrest on a criminal complaint. He's accused of stealing $6,300 during five bank robberies from October through January.
FBI agent Juan Herrera says a tipster called after seeing bank surveillance photos. The tipster offered Wilson's name, and the FBI found his profile photo on Facebook.
Herrera says there were Facebook photos of the 25-year-old Wilson wearing clothes that were worn during a robbery.
Woman sues police after no-underwear arrest
A trial under way in Portland, Ore a woman is suing police who arrested her when she was not wearing underwear.
Sherri Sandau says two officers took her into custody at her home without letting her dress, and she says they wouldn't bring her clothes or a blanket.
The 47-year-old was wearing only a long tank top. She's seeking nearly $750,000 for post-traumatic stress in the federal court lawsuit.
Lawyers for the officers say they didn't initially know she was not wearing underwear because her top went to mid-thigh. They also say she was secure and out of sight in the patrol car.
Sandau was arrested in 2005 after confronting officers who responded to a complaint from a neighbor about a barking dog and other noise from Sandau's home.
Man exposed himself at McDonald's
A registered sex offender is accused of exposing himself in the parking lot of a Newark McDonald's and again inside the restaurant.
State police say a woman reported that a man exposed himself to her shortly before 8 p.m. Monday in the McDonald's parking lot. The woman told police that the man then walked inside the restaurant with his genitalia still exposed. She wrote down his license plate number as he drove away on his motorcycle.
Police ran the tag and viewed surveillance video that showed the man making a purchase while exposing himself. They identified the man as 43-year-old Joel Stevenson of Newark and arrested him without incident at his home.
Already a Tier One registered sex offender, Stevenson is charged with lewdness and second-degree indecent exposure.
Girl brings mom's weed to school for show and tell
An 8-year-old Lincoln Park Elementary School student brought marijuana to school Tuesday prompting a Sheriff’s Office and Department of Children and Families investigation.
The girl took what was described as a small amount of marijuana from her jacket pocket and gave it to her teacher.
“This is some of my mom’s weed, it’s what my mother puts in blunts,” the girl told school officials.
No sex for dentists who treat spouses
Some Canadian dentists want changes to an Ontario provincial law that forbids them from having sex with their spouse if he or she is also their patient.
The "no sex with patients" decree is part of the 1993 Regulated Health Professions Act, which was crafted to address inappropriate relationships between psychiatrists and psychologists with their patients. However, dentists fall under the same rules.
Orthodontist Randy Lang wrote a tongue-in-cheek article for the Oral Health Journal suggesting how dentists could avoid prosecution.
"Have your spouse wear a disguise, like a moustache and beard, when she or he enters and exits your dental office," he wrote. "Also, at home, be sure to lock your bedroom door and cover all the windows with black paper."
In response to growing criticism from dentists, provincial Health Minister Deb Matthews said Monday she requested a review of the law by the Health Professions Regulatory Advisory Council, the Star said.
iPhone app works to block drunk texts
A Florida woman said the iPhone app she created uses games to prevent people from sending drunken text messages they would later regret.
Samantha Deeter of Destin said she contacted an app development company with her idea and they made her a partner in the creation of the Textalyzer.
"This is to prevent people from doing the ultimate no-no," Deeter said. "I was briefly single and would run around from time to time bar hopping after work and would always tell people, 'I wish there was a Breathalyzer for phones.' That's when I got the idea."
Deeter said users of the app create "forbidden" lists of people likely to receive drunken text messages and their phone then forces them to play a series of four games to send the message.
Users who fail at the games are asked in 12 hours if they still want to send the message. Users can also program in reminders of why they might not want to text the intended recipients.
Deeter said an Android version of the app will likely be developed if the iPhone version, which was released Monday for 99 cents, proves successful.
Man’s Tried to Swallow Flash Drive
As cops searched his home as part of a corruption of children probe, a Pennsylvania man attempted to swallow a flash drive that he had dropped into a glass of water, according to police.
While police executed a search warrant Monday at his Bushkill home, Harold Moser, 46, told officers that he was “really thirsty” and asked for permission to get something to drink. Accompanied by a cop, Moser went into the kitchen and retrieved an orange glass, which he then began to fill with water.
At one point, a Bushkill Township Police Department officer looked over Moser’s shoulder and “noticed something in the bottom of the glass.” That is when Moser reached into the glass and tried to swallow the black and purple item. A struggle between Moser and the cop, that who grabbed Moser’s arm “to keep the item from being ingested.”
The suspect had to be “taken to the ground and Tasered,” police reported, because he “was actively fighting the police, still trying to eat the USB drive.” As a result, Moser was charged with tampering with evidence and resisting arrest. He was booked into the Northampton County lockup, where he remains in custody in lieu of $15,000 bail.
The search warrant for Moser’s residence authorized investigators to seize computers, cameras, and any other items that can be used to take or store pictures. Moser was arrested two years ago for filming himself having sex with his girlfriend while his son watched from a nearby playpen. At the time, he was also reportedly being investigated for taking pornographic photos of a nine-year-old girl.

Tax filers take sledge hammer to ‘IRS car’


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know You Needed

Woman Jailed For Multitasking
Suspect was driving, watching porn, and masturbating
The Cincinnati motorist who was caught simultaneously masturbating with a sex toy while watching a pornographic video has pleaded guilty to a drug charge stemming from the bizarre traffic stop, according to court records.
Colondra Hamilton, 36, admitted last Thursday to possession of drug paraphernalia in connection with the bizarre incident. A Municipal Court judge sentenced Hamilton to 10 days in jail, fined her $200, and suspended her driver’s license for six months.
Cops stopped Hamilton because they believed that the windows of her 2008 Pontiac were overly tinted. As part of a plea deal, prosecutors dismissed the tinted window violation and several other minor charges.
According to a police report, when officers approached Hamilton’s vehicle they noticed that her pants were unbuttoned and a sex toy was in her lap. Hamilton, cops reported, that she had been using it [the vibrator] while watching a video on the computer the passenger was holding.”
Woman told to remove personalized plates due translation
An Australian woman was told to remove her personalized number plates which bear her nickname 'Kiki', following a complaint that the word is Filipino for a part of the female anatomy.
Kristen Perry, known as Kiki by her friends and family received a letter from the Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) in New South Wales demanding that she show "just cause" for using the plates, otherwise they would be confiscated.
The RTA said it had received a complaint from a member of the Filipino community because Mrs. Perry's nickname Kiki translates to "vagina" in Tagalog.
Her family was also surprised when she told them the translation, she said.
"He just said 'What?' He was appalled."
After a wave of public support for her cause, the RTA backed down, saying it would take a "common sense approach" to the matter.
However, it issued a warning that "personalized plates must not carry offensive language, religious or sexual content".
Suspect: Come and Arrest Me
Somebody in Islamorada tried to steal six lower units from high-end boat motors at the Caribee Boat Sales and Marina last week, according to a Monroe County Sheriff's Office release.
A detective doing checks stopped by the marina at exactly the right time.
He noticed the lower units on the ground and observed two people fleeing the area.
Then the detective got really lucky.
Next to two of the lower units on the ground, he found a CVS receipt for a Twix chocolate bar, a bottle of spring water, a container of coconut water and some work gloves, according to the release.
And then he found the actual items on the receipt: The work gloves were found near the lower units. The other items were found in a blue BMW sedan in the parking lot of the park.
Surveillance video from CVS Pharmacy showed the person from the IRS form — Tabares — purchasing the items on the receipt.
An arrest warrant for Tabares was obtained.
Authorities think he's lying low in Miami-Dade County.
Fortune-teller got $200K for curse removal
A self-proclaimed psychic has been charged in Orange County with taking hundreds of thousands of dollars from a West Hollywood woman in exchange for a promise to cure her of a lifelong curse.
Lisa Debbie Adams of Los Angeles pleaded not guilty Monday to 32 counts, including credit fraud, grand theft and burglary, for convincing the woman to hand over the money so Adams could cleanse her of an evil "inherited from her mother's womb."
Prosecutors say the 37-year-old Irvine woman suffered $200,000 in property loss in the scheme that lasted more than a year.
Adams had her buy $10,000 in gold bars and $100,000 in luxury goods to shield herself from the curse.
Hospital employee sold crack at work
Authorities say an employee at a Saginaw hospital sold crack cocaine at work.
The Saginaw County Sheriff's Office says the 41-year-old woman was arrested after a sale in the Covenant HealthCare parking lot. Her name was not immediately released. She's worked at the hospital for nine years, lately as a coordinator in the area that serves pregnant women and newborns.
The sheriff's office says crack cocaine was discovered near the woman's work area. A news conference to discuss charges was scheduled for Tuesday.
Man tries to rob shop with PlayStation controller
Florida resident Cameron Pittman failed in his attempt to rob a shop with a PlayStation controller, not least because police officers walked into the convenience store in the middle of the fiasco.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know You Needed

Peeing on Patrol Car
Authorities in Wilson, N.C. say 23-year-old Chuck R. Daniels was charged with urinating in public after Trooper Kevin Woods reviewed surveillance camera records.
Woods says he found the windows and doors on the passenger side of his car were wet when he returned after taking a suspect into the Wilson County Magistrate's Office.
Daniels is expected in court in May on charges he urinated on a North Carolina Highway Patrol car parked in front of a county magistrate's office.
Authorities say Daniels had been arrested on misdemeanor charges of possession of stolen goods and drugs. Woods says the man had been released and was waiting for a ride home when he urinated on the car.
Robber with big stick steals $10 in gas
A suspect in a southwestern Pennsylvania gas station robbery walks tall and carries a big stick.
State police in Uniontown say they're hoping surveillance video or witnesses can help them identify the man who robbed the Sunoco Gas station on U.S. Route 119 in Bullskin Township Friday afternoon.
Police say the man asked for $10 in gas and, after it was pumped, got out of his vehicle with an 18-inch piece of wood and demanded money from the gas station attendant.
Police say the man is thin and tall, perhaps as tall as 6-foot-3. The clean-shaven man is driving a two-door Pontiac Grand Am with no license plate.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Woman exposed herself to kids

A Melbourne woman was arrested after the police said she yanked down her “hot pink” pants and exposed herself to schoolchildren in Fellsmere.
Tammy Ann Roseman, 39, faces a misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct after the incident in Indian River County.

An officer with the Fellsmere Police Department wrote in the arrest affidavit that a public school bus was southbound on North Willow Street when it came upon a pedestrian near the intersection with Vernon Street. There were students on the bus.
The driver “observed her begin to unbutton her pants,” the affidavit said. “Passengers began screaming, while some began covering their eyes with their hands.”
In his rearview mirror, the driver saw the woman “mooning” the school bus. He reported the incident to the school district’s dispatch center.
An officer recognized Roseman from her previous run-ins with law enforcement. She was sent to the Indian River County Jail.
Roseman is a felon with an extensive criminal history in Brevard County. Her charges have included cocaine possession, grand theft auto, loitering and prowling, disorderly intoxication, obstructing a highway, trespassing, burglary and prostitution lewdness.

Man knocked down girls to get cheap thrills

Dennis Delisle, 48, was arrested at a roller skating party the Skate Jam in Palm Bay.

Parents notified the cops that Delisle was purposely knocking the kids over, mainly the girls. He is accused of inappropriately touching the girls when he helped to pick them up.
Delisle said that it was a conspiracy plot: The kids ganged up on him and made the accusations because they were jealous of his skating skills.

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know You Needed

Teen ticketed for injuring 'car-surfing' girls
Sixteen-year-old Pedro Mendez was ticketed after three teen girls riding on the hood of his car were thrown off and injured.
The Palm Bay teen was traveling between 15 and 20 mph when he suddenly braked flinging the 15-, 16- and 17-year-old girls onto the pavement  The girls suffered non-life-threatening injuries.
Surgeons: Time to Remove Battery From Boy
Arizona doctors are going to have to cut a boy open to get a leaking battery out of his stomach. He swallowed the small lithium battery from a DVD remote.
It happened a few months ago, but Friday, surgeons prepared for the operation at the Phoenix Children's Hospital. Doctors say it's especially dangerous because the battery leaked inside the boy, burning his esophagus.
"When we found out that the battery was lodged in his esophagus, we were devastated, sickened, shocked," said the boy's mother, Karla Ranch. "We couldn't believe that this could have happened."
Experts say you can find these tiny batteries in other household items like bathroom scales, hearing aids, and singing greeting cards.
10-year-old boy to have sex change
A Court has allowed a 10-year-old boy to become the youngest Australian to have sex-change therapy.
The boy, known as Jamie, has lived as a girl for two years, dressing in feminine clothes, using the girls' toilet at school and "presenting as a very attractive young girl with long, blonde hair", the court heard.
The court heard Jamie saw herself as a "freak" and a "girl in a boy's body", and had first identified as a girl when she was a toddler.
Her mother said though doctors had told her Jamie would be the youngest patient to start such treatment, she was confident it was in her best interests.
She said before her child changed schools in year 3 and acted as a girl, she told her, "Mummy, it is so hard trying to be a boy", and that she had to "go to school disguised as a boy".
The mother said the family had started treating Jamie as a female in 2008 after her non-identical twin brother accepted her condition and announced: "I have a sister."

Yellow lines to show pedestrians where to walk

Yellow lines are normally used to stop motorists parking on the road - but now they have been painted on a pavement in a town center to show pedestrians where to walk.

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Two lines stretch for 100m (328ft) down a high street. Other yellow lines have been painted around trees, a post box and cash points.
The path has caused confusion for residents in Ripple Road, Barking, east London, who cannot see the point of it.
‘We have all managed until now to walk along the path without tripping over things in the way, so why do we suddenly need guidelines?’ said 49-year-old Martin Harris. ‘It’s completely over the top and another sign of health and safety gone mad.’
Sarah Waldram, 32, added: ‘I’ve never seen anyone bump into a post box, why do we need yellow lines to show us the way?’
A Barking and Dagenham Council spokesman said the lines provided ‘a marked walk-through’ and a decision on whether to keep them would be made within three months.