Wednesday, May 21, 2008

DIY Moving

When You Have No Gas


Could This Be A Racist T-Shirt?
Anonymous said...
Why in the hell wasn't this done for the Bush campaign?
He at least looks like a chimpanzee!
Anonymous said...
I think he looks a lot like Obama. LMFAO
BlackCrypt said...
Rush had a caller that told him that her kid saw a pic of Curious George, and asked if that was Obama!!

Did You Know.......


Don't Do It

Diamond Covered Mercedes

Saudi Royal Family
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Having Another Bad Day

Another set back my younger brother got on my computer last night and press F10 while booting up and screwed things up again. I will have to start all over again so I won't be posting anything until sometime in the afternoon while I set up and reload everything. Please be patient and understand even
"The Man" has bad days.