Wednesday, June 3, 2009

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What happens when you want to take it off?
Does the SKIN come off with it?
God even made farts smelly so everyone can enjoy them!!!
Caption this one.......

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know you Needed

Man Arrested 153rd Time Will Plead Guilty
A Portsmouth, New Hampshire man has been arrested for the 153rd time, this time after he was accused of punching someone in the face over the weekend.
Forty-nine-year-old Portsmouth resident Paul Baldwin told a judge Monday he plans to plead guilty to the assault, along with trespassing and alcohol charges. He says he's had a long battle with alcohol and was trying to correct the problem during his most recent one-year jail term, which ended last week.
The Foster's Daily Democrat newspaper says Baldwin's record dates to 1984 and includes 152 other arrests, eight trespass orders, 75 citations, four Social Security aliases and 17 name aliases.
Prosecutor Rena DiLando says she didn't have time to read Baldwin's full criminal record because it's so long.
Australian woman says frog made elderly husband croak!
A New South Wales women who claims a frog in her neighbors pond caused her husband's death fears she may be next. Giselle Bertozza believes her 72-year-old husband was driven to an early grave from the stress caused by years of sleepless nights. The Mannering Park woman says she and her late husband were driven mad by the frog's croaking just meters from their bedroom window. Mrs Bertozza claims the sleep deprivation ultimately ruined his health and he later died. Last week, after a few years of uneasy peace, another frog has lobbed up in the pond next door. Mrs Bertozza said she felt like the "torture had started again" reliving the nightmare they endured an amorous frog's calls for a mate. "It's like a tap dripping except you can't turn it off," she said.
Sleep Deprivation can also because from Sleep Apnea
Death from sleep apnea.
Sleep apnea (or sleep apnoea in British English) is a sleep disorder characterized by pauses in breathing during sleep.



It's a Rip Off


Bank pays staff to take three to five years off from work

BBVA, a leading Spanish bank, is allowing staff to take five years paid leave, in an effort to cut costs during the recession.
Employees of BBVA, Spain's second biggest bank, are being offered 30 per cent of their usual salary in return for staying away from work for between three and five years.
Anyone signing up is guaranteed a job when their extended leave comes to an end. They will also have their health care costs covered for the length of their sabbatical.
The offer is targeted at long-term employees of the company who have "personal or professional projects" they wish to undertake during their time off.
Juan Ignacio Apoita, BBVA's head of human resources, told the Financial Times: "We're looking at offering alternatives to people. It's obvious as well that it has an impact on costs."
Other options open to the bank's 30,000 Spanish employees include a shorter working week on reduced pay, or time off arrangements to allow staff to look after relatives or go back in to education.
Although Spanish banks have escaped the worst of the global downturn because of tight regulation, they have found it difficult to impose redundancies because staff are entitled to large payoffs under domestic labor laws.
In Britain, manufacturing workers at firms including Jaguar Land Rover have agreed to accept four-day-weeks and temporary factory shutdowns in an attempt to minimize job cuts and keep their employers afloat.

Foiled Robber Begs For Mercy, Asks To Join Islam

A bat-wielding would-be bandit left a Long Island convenience store with $40 and a loaf of bread after the forgiving shopkeeper opted for redemption over a rifle blast.
The unidentified robber walked into the Shirley Express Convenience Store, wearing a mask beneath a hooded sweatshirt and demanding money.
Store owner Mohammad Sohail - in a riveting showdown captured on a surveillance video - instead pulled a rifle from beneath the counter and charged out at the man.
The thief then dropped the bat and fell to his knees, begging for forgiveness with his hands folded. The man explained he was desperate to feed his family but had no money or job, Sohail recounted.
The owner was won over by the sob story. He put down his rifle, and surrendered $40 and a loaf of bread.
Before letting the man go after the robbery attempt, Sohail made him promise to give up his life of crime - and the two shook on the deal.
Sohail called the police after the man fled from the store, but said he doesn't want to press charges.
Store Clerk Takes Pity On Crying, Apologetic Robber

Accident in Brazil during Celebration.

A winning football team's horror when their makeshift open-top bus toppled over.