Thursday, July 3, 2008

High Speed Skateboarder Slams Into Metal Pole

Mad Izatie said...
OUCH! It hurts my hoohoo just watching that.

24 Karat Automobile Sculptures

Kid Attempts To Jump Over A Hole...

...but ends up coming up short slamming his face into the dirt.

Should I Tell Her


Buns and Guns restaurant in Beirut

A fast-food restaurant in war-torn Beirut finds an explosive way to attract customers.
"Buns and Guns", a new fast food restaurant, operates with the motto "a sandwich can kill you" and serves customers a variety of sandwiches named after weapons and explosive materials.

Zimbabwe, where baked beans cost $30 billion

Zimbabwe's dollar, ravaged by hyperinflation, does not even come in the form of a proper bank note.
Instead most bills are 'bearer cheques', marked with an expiry date, but will become worthless long before it is reached.
More recently the reserve bank, which is issuing bills in ever-larger denominations, moved on to 'special agro-cheques', leading to comments about how much 'aggro' people have to deal with.
All three agro-cheques – they come in a brown Z$50 billion denomination, the green Z$25 billion, and the pink Z$5 billion - have a picture of a grain silo on one side. The sad irony is that the national treasury is as empty as the country's grain silos.
On the rare occasions when products are available, the prices are astronomic.
At the TM supermarket in Borrowdale, in Harare's western suburbs, many shelves were bare yesterday. But a kilo of mince cost Z$490 billion, a kilo of sausage Z$170 billion, and a tin of baked beans Z$30 billion.
Despite Zimbabwe's desperate shortage of food, heavy import duties have been slapped onto edible products, and a liter of imported orange juice cost an eye-watering Z$303 billion.
Some prices have trebled from a week ago, when lavatory paper worked out at just under Z$22 million for a single sheet of two-ply. There was none in the supermarket yesterday, but by now there is probably an alternative use for the Z$50 million dollar note.
At one Harare restaurant dinner was Z$875 billion per person, and the house wine a little short of half a trillion dollars a bottle.
Mad Izatie said...
I am greatful for the packet of 70cent noodles I had for dinner,
and that I am able to feed my cat with his $2.30 can of food.
After reading this, I'm going to try not to waste food...

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know you Needed

Woman Accused of Trading Sex for Gasoline
Police in northern Kentucky arrested a woman who officers say traded sex for gasoline.
Police in Fort Wright set up a prostitution sting and said one of the suspects they arrested engaged in sex for a $100 gasoline card and other gifts.
Angela Eversole, 34, of Fort Wright is charged with prostitution and doing business without an occupational license. She pleaded not guilty at a Tuesday arraignment.
Police also arrested a man they said paid Eversole. He is 50-year-old Kenneth Nowak of Avon, Indiana.
Kenton County prosecutor Ken Easterling said it's sad when people are selling their bodies for gas.
Man sells stolen items near home that was robbed
Police say an Ocala man was selling stolen property at a yard sale in the same neighborhood as the home he robbed. Fred and Betty McAteers, who live in Ocklawaha, arrived at a home they own in Ocala on Monday to find that it had been burglarized.
They returned Tuesday and walked around the neighborhood to see if anyone knew anything about the theft. During their walk, they saw their dresser sitting on the front lawn of an apartment building. They called the police, who charged a 22-year-old man with residential burglary and dealing in stolen property.
Runway tractor carrying potatoes mashes car
A farmer in Germany has learned a harsh lesson about the dangers of smoking. While he ducked into a convenience store to buy cigarettes, his parked tractor and its load of 25 tons of potatoes went rolling down a hill - and over a parked car.
Police say the emergency brake came loose while the farmer was in the store, and the tractor and its two trailers barreled 30 yards downhill before slamming into the parked car and crushing it against a wall.
Police in the western German village of Viersen said that the car was a "total loss." The tractor and trailers, however, emerged unscathed.
Arkansas thieves take bank ATM - but not its cash
Thieves in northwest Arkansas made a huge withdrawal at a bank - they took a whole automated teller machine with them.Bella Vista police said the thieves early Monday used a stolen front-end loader to tear the 3,200-pound ATM from its bolts at a Pulaski Bank branch.
After examining several surveillance photos, police determined that at least two men used a heavy chain attached to a Caterpillar loader to pull the ATM loose, then placed it in the bed of a stolen Dodge pickup truck.
Two hours after the theft, sheriff's deputies said they found the truck and ATM. Police said all the machine's money remained inside - the thieves weren't able to open it. "No cash was taken."
Woman Is Powerless to Fight Fake 'Prostitute' Facebook Profile
A British woman who was listed as a prostitute on a fake Facebook profile that stole her identity says her life has been ruined.
Kerry Harvey, 23, said that she received obscene pictures on her cell phone and prank calls from hackers who forged a profile on the social networking site Facebook featuring Harvey’s correct date of birth, middle name and cell phone number. Her occupation, however, listed on the fake profile as "prostitute," was not correct.
Man shocked at finding chicken head inside frozen food bag
Peter Stanton bought a bag of Asda frozen ribs and chicken wings for his daughter’s birthday barbecue and found a chicken’s head inside. Salesman Peter, 39, was about to grill the defrosted wings at the bash for nine-year-old Georgia when he glimpsed a beak.
He took the head back to his local Asda in Rawtenstall. Store chiefs gave him £50 of beer and wine to compensate and promised to investigate. PICTURES
Man Sentenced to 4,060 Years for Sexual Assault of Teen Girls
A man was sentenced to more than 4,000 years in prison Wednesday for sexually assaulting three teenage girls over two years.
A day after finding James Kevin Pope guilty, jurors sentenced him to 40 life prison terms — one for each sex assault conviction — and 20 years for each of the three sexual performance of a child convictions.
At the request of prosecutors, state District Judge Graham Quisenberry ordered Pope to serve the sentences consecutively, adding up to 4,060 years. He will be eligible for parole in the year 3209, according to the Parker County District Attorney's Office.