Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Special Cum Agent

This is one of the funniest videos I have ever seen.
A CSI team uses a blacklight to search for semen at a crime scene.
Great Clip

Hard Times Has Hit This Bird

This bird has made her nest completely out of "Nails"
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To Boldly go Where no Fatty has Gone Before.

Man Drives a Brand New $ 39,000 Motorcycle and Crashes It

What a "Dumb Ass"

Simple and Effective

How The Military Directs Traffic In Iraq

Boy gets his testicles stuck in pipe after fall

Malaysian doctors performed a 30-minute operation to free a nine-year-old boy's testicles stuck in a metal pipe after he slipped while bathing.

In response to a call from his brother in an adjacent room, the boy climbed up a partition in the bathroom, but slipped and fell on an uncovered metal pipe, trapping his testicles in the narrow tube.

Medical staff answering the emergency call at the boy's home on the northern island of Penang were unable to remove the L-shaped pipe and had to call in firemen. Bukit Mertajam fire officer Rohana Mustafa said they had to use a hydraulic cutter to cut both ends of the pipe.

The boy was then rushed to the Seberang Jaya Hospital with his testicles still caught in the L-shaped pipe.


Patrick Yau said...
OMG. What is the odds of that?

Porn thief caught red-faced in public toilet

A man caught stealing a porn magazine was caught with goods in his hand in a public toilet just minutes later.

The 19-year-old man emerged red-faced from the disabled toilets in Darwin's Karama Shopping Center.

The security guard and Karama Newsagency owner Peter Cullip had been waiting for the man for more than 10 minutes.

"He was pretty embarrassed," Mr Cullip, 43, said. "We can only guess what he was doing in there."

Mr Cullip said the CCTV camera caught the thief putting a Fiesta magazine up his T-shirt, and then leaving the store.

The magazine - a British soft-core porn adult magazine, which features girl-next-door-type models - retails for $9.95.

Mr Cullip said when police arrived; they took the man to collect the $9.95 and returned with him to pay the money back.

He said the man had been given a "slap on the wrist" for trespass.