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Why Girls Crop Photos
No wonder with a body like that.

"I feel pretty! Oh, so pretty!"


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A special delivery: Kitten found in a street corner mailbox

Officials said a two-pound, eight-week-old kitten was dropped in a public mailbox in Boston and later found unharmed among envelopes and packages. According to the MSPCA Animal Care and Adoption Center, the kitten they're calling "Postina" likely was stuffed Friday through a small opening of the mailbox and dropped several feet below.
A U.S. Postal Service letter carrier discovered Postina on Saturday during a scheduled afternoon pick-up.
The MSPCA is offering Postina for adoption after several days of nourishment and a round of vaccinations.
Animal abandonment in Massachusetts is punishable by up to a $2,500 fine and 5 years in prison.
The MSPCA said there has been a 48 percent increase in pet owners citing financial reasons for surrendering their pets.

Teen Gets 23 Years for Killing His Mother Over Video Game

A northeast Ohio teen who shot and killed his mother and wounded his minister father was sentenced Tuesday to 23 years in prison for crimes rooted in his obsession with video games with violent themes.
Daniel Petric, 17, who could have gotten life without parole, shook his head slightly, sniffled and held back tears but sat down without saying a word when given the chance by Lorain County Common Pleas Judge James Burge.
Petric's eyes were red from crying when his father, Mark Petric, asked the judge to be lenient and said his son regrets killing his mother and reminds his father often that he is glad his father survived.

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know you Needed

Woman delayed by cabbie after finding money
A Lisle, Ill., woman who found $5,000 in the back seat of a Chicago taxi says the driver began running up the fare once she told him what she'd found. "He wouldn't let me out of the car," said Ginny Narsete.
Narsete, 57, was taking the cab to the train station in Chicago Thursday night when she noticed a bag with the logo of La Bamba, a Mexican restaurant with 19 locations, including one in downtown Chicago. Inside the bag, was a deposit slip and $5,000 in cash.
Narsete told the driver to take her to a police station so she could drop off the money. The driver, however, just kept driving while insisting the money should be left at a cab stand.
Narsete called her husband, who yelled at the driver and threatened to call 911 if the driver did not immediately drive to the police station. At the station, the police determined the bag had been forgotten by a restaurant manager, said Ramiro Aguas, co-owner of the restaurant chain.
"It was very nice of her to bring that money back," Aguas said.
As for the cab driver, he took Narsete's last $20 for his fare and disappeared, leaving police to get her to the train station.
Botch Circumcision victim gets $2.3 million
A Fulton County jury has awarded $1.8 million in damages to a boy injured in a botched circumcision.
The state court jury gave another $500,000 to the boy’s mother in the decision rendered Friday.
The case involves a child, identified only as D.P. Jr., who was born at South Fulton Medical Center in 2004. In a suit filed two years later, his mother contended that the doctor who circumcised him removed too much tissue and that his pediatrician failed to respond when a nurse complained of excessive bleeding. The boy’s penis was severed.

"Missing Man" was taking break away from his wife
A man reported missing by his wife last week was located Saturday. But he says he wasn't missing -- just following his wife's wishes to go away.
William Peterson told police he and his wife had an argument and she told him to get out. So, Peterson spent the week fishing and camping in Bend.
His wife, Pam Peterson, said that the argument with her husband happened months ago, and that she forgot about telling her husband he could always leave. Apparently, her husband had not forgotten, she said.
Woman arrested in Oklahoma City had 33 Blu-ray discs in pants
Police arrested a woman at a Target store in Oklahoma City after an employee said he saw her stuff nearly $1,000 worth of Blu-ray discs in her pants.
Lisa Roshelle Myles, 40, remained at the Oklahoma County jail in lieu of $4,000 bail. Police arrested her June 2 on complaints of grand larceny, assault and battery, trespassing and three Oklahoma County warrants.
An employee at the Target store, 8315 N Rockwell Ave., called police about 8:35 a.m. June 2 after employees detained a woman they said had stolen Blu-ray discs, which are similar to DVDs, according to a police report. The employee said the woman, whom the report identifies as Myles, had previously been arrested for stealing from that and another Target store.
Employees told police they saw a woman stuffing the discs in her pants and attempt to leave the store without paying, and she bit and clawed at them when they confronted her, the report states. A search revealed Myles had 33 discs in her pants worth more than $970, police said.
Jobless man steals just for free prison lunch
A jobless Taiwan man released from prison stole a box of cotton swabs just to get arrested again because he "could not forget the police department boxed lunches," officers and local media said Tuesday.
The homeless man in Taipei first stole a pair of shoes on Sunday, was detained and released, the Liberty Times said. He then resorted to stealing again the next day just to get back inside and be fed for free.
8-year-old boy Found Dead in a Kentucky Church Elevator
State police were investigating after the body of an 8-year-old boy was found with his head pinned in a church elevator doors as his family was cleaning up after his grandmother's wedding reception.
No foul play is suspected in the death of Zachary Waddell at First Christian Church in Sturgis, Kentucky State Police said in a statement Monday.
The church's pastor, the Rev. Nate Harper, found the boy's body Saturday in the doorway at the lower level of the shaft connecting the church's first and second floors, authorities said.
Union County Coroner Stephen Shouse said the boy died as a result of compression asphyxia, meaning he couldn't breathe after the elevator came down on him. He said the elevator was purchased in 1963 and is similar to a freight elevator.

Cat Shot 50 Times - And Survives

A pet cat has survived being shot 50 times by yobs in an attack which left her "covered in blood."
Two-year-old Rosie's body was littered with pellets, fired from a shotgun, after the cruel attack in Guisborough, Cleveland.
Vets could only manage to remove 20 pellets for fear of injuring the poor animal further.
It means Rosie, who is recovering after emergency surgery, will have to live the rest of her life with 30 pellets inside her.

Cat attacks Rottweiler


Woman's tattoo nightmare

A woman is suing her tattoo artist for inscribing 56 stars on her face while she was sleeping, instead of the three she says she requested.
"I look like a bloody freak."

Tattooist Romanian Toumaniantz, 37 - who is adorned with tattoos, piercings and rings