Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know You Needed

Man arrested for throwing puppy of bridge
Police in Harlan, Kentucky have arrested a man after they say he threw a puppy off of a bridge in town into the river below-twice.
Police arrested 21 year-old Jerry Russel, Jr and charged him with Animal Cruelty charges after it was reported he threw the dog off the Georgetown Bridge.  The dog was in a plastic grocery bag.  A 13 year old boy with Russel retrieved the dog from the water and Russel is alleged to have thrown the dog into the river again.  The second time the dog was rescued by a homeless man under the bridge.
According to Mikel Taylor with the Harlan County Animal Shelter, the puppy, who shelter workers have named Lucky, was checked by a veterinarian and was in good physical shape.
Woman arrested when she refused to clean dog mess
Police in East Memphis, Tennessee said they arrested a woman who allegedly struggled with officers after refusing to pick up after her dog.
Police officers witnessed Kristen Hall, 24; fail to pick up after her pit bull while walking the canine Thursday in the park at Spottswood and Prescott.
Officers said they informed Hall she would have to clean up the dog's droppings but she replied she takes her dog to the park every day and had no intention of cleaning the mess.
The officers said Hall ignored a second warning and refused the officers' request to provide some identification.
Police said Hall resisted when they attempted to detain her. One officer said the woman kicked him and bit him on the hand.
Hall was arrested and charged with assault on a police officer, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.
Fearless K-9 dog faces python to find drugs
Italian authorities say a police dog got past a large dog, a cat, a rabbit and a nearly 6 1/2-foot python to find an alleged drug dealer's stash of marijuana.
Police said the dog, Umos, was brought into the 22-year-old suspect's apartment near La Spezia and ignored most of the animals to face off against the python, which investigators said the man was using to cover the smell of marijuana,
Investigators said Umos "soon turfed out the snake and we found the man's cannabis as well as equipment to process it."
Man calls 911 when strippers don't show
Police in Franklin, Wisconsin said a man who visited a gentlemen's club called 911 to report a pair of strippers had failed to show up at his motel room as promised.
Franklin police said the 37-year-old Illinois man told them he spent $1,000 on lap dances from two exotic dancers at the On The Border gentlemen's club Sunday night, and the women promised to visit his room at a local motel later in the morning for "on the house" lap dances.
The man called police at 1:26 a.m. Monday to report the strippers hadn't shown up and he felt he had been cheated.
“Objection Your Honor”
A Pennsylvania judge was charged with trying to enter a female judge's hotel room wearing only a bed sheet.
Alexandria District Judge Douglas Gummo's cases were turn over to other county magistrates. Gummo is charged with public drunkenness and harassment.
Police say Gummo tried to enter the other judge's room three times in 40 minutes before he was taken into custody early Friday. Investigators say Gummo had met the other judge at a conference being held at the hotel in Camp Hill, near Harrisburg.
Gummo is charged with public drunkenness and harassment.

Getting Caught By His Thang

Suspect left t-shirt with his picture at crime scene
After being released from a North Carolina prison in mid-November, the 25-year-old felon--who had spent nearly seven years locked up for armed robbery and breaking and entering--apparently printed up a nifty t-shirt with his picture and the slogan “Making Money Is My Thang.”
As seen in the below police evidence photo, the image Huntley chose is a mug shot taken after one of his earlier arrests.
The t-shirt is in police custody because, investigators allege, Huntley participated in the home invasion robbery. According to cops, one victim told investigators that two black males “willfully and unlawfully entered his residence” and stole valuables, including jewelry and a wallet.
But as the robbers fled the crime scene, the black t-shirt somehow fell out of the duo’s getaway car. Huntley surrendered to police a day after a Crime Stoppers appeal was made seeking the public’s help in identifying the man pictured on the garment.