Monday, May 19, 2008


Tube Tops
Joel said...
Fuckin' hot chicks.
Warning: Dirty mind overloaded. Lol!

Scariest Face You Ever Saw

The Future Is Here

Rocket Man


Airplane makes a emergency landing on highway

World’s shortest runway

Young Law Breakers

Apparently No One Is Above The Law
Let me see your license, registration and proof of insurance.

Six-year-old Natalie Shea got a threatening letter from the city demanding the removal of "graffiti" she drew with chalk!— on her front step. Here, Shea shows her defiance to the warning letter by creating a new work with the supposedly illegal medium.


AmyOops said...
I got my first ticket today, right in front of my work too.

Works for me!


Even your pet dreads Monday's

Bumper Sticker Maker Over


Small Bits of News

Wife guilty in husband's acid vat murder
FRESNO, Calif. - A biochemist was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole Friday for killing her estranged husband by knocking him out and stuffing him into a vat of acid, possibly while he was still alive.
Larissa Schuster was convicted in December of murdering Timothy Schuster with the special circumstance that the murder was committed for financial gain.
Teen Boys Arrested With Sex Assault On Passed Out Girls
LOS ANGELES — Two teenage boys have been arrested in connection with the alleged sexual assault of at least one of three girls who passed out at a San Fernado Valley park, police said.
A 16-year-old boy and a 15-year-old boy were arrested Friday after police interviewed several students believed to be at Mason Park in Chatsworth around the time the high school freshmen girls were there on Thursday. The older teen was booked on suspicion of sexual battery and the younger boy was booked on suspicion of sexual assault on a victim incapable of defending herself, Detective Mike Fesperman said.
Investigators believe the girls — one found unconscious in the men's bathroom, and the others near picnic tables — were drugged, but they also may have been drinking. The girls were treated at a hospital and released. They are cooperating with detectives but don't remember what happened while unconscious, Capt. Steve Ruiz said.
Police are doing tests to determine if the girls were given a "date rape" drug or had drunk alcohol.
Parents to Sue Maker of Metal Baseball Bats Over Son's Injury
WAYNE, N.J. — A New Jersey couple, whose son was struck in the chest with a line drive, is planning to sue the maker of a metal baseball bat used in the game.
Two years ago, Steven Domalewski was pitching when the ball slammed into his chest and stopped his heart. He was resuscitated but now has brain damage and is severely disabled. The family contends metal baseball bats are inherently unsafe for youth games because the ball comes off them much faster than from wooden bats. The lawsuit will also be filed against Little League Baseball and a sporting goods chain that sold the bat.
An attorney says Domalewski will need millions of dollars worth of medical care for the rest of his life. The bat maker says while it sympathizes with Steven and his family, the bat is not to blame for the injury.