Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know You Needed

Man cited after paying bill with 2,500 pennies
A Utah man has been cited on a charge of disorderly conduct after paying for a disputed medical bill with 2,500 pennies.
Jason West went to Basin Clinic in Vernal prepared to dispute an outstanding $25 bill.
Assistant Vernal Police Chief Keith Campbell says that after asking staff members whether they accepted cash, West dumped 2,500 pennies on the counter and demanded that staff count them.
Campbell says the incident upset the staff because pennies were strewn about the counter and floor, and West's action served "no legitimate purpose."
Police later issued the 38-year-old West a citation for disorderly conduct. That carries a fine of as much as $140 or 14,000 pennies.
Drunk driver punched himself
Police in Connecticut said an accused drunken driver allegedly punched himself in the face and tore his shirt to support a bogus story of being assaulted.
Farmington police said an officer witnessed Daniel Vagnini driving through a stop sign about midnight and the motorist nearly crashed into another car.
Investigators said they found Vagnini's car on Indian Hill Road and the suspect called 911 from the nearby woods to report he was lost.
Vagnini told police he was assaulted while getting into his car after a night of drinking in Hartford and he blacked out during the attack. The suspect told police he regained consciousness in the woods.
However, police said Vagnini later admitted he had made up the story. They said he had punched himself in the face, ripped his shirt and tossed his wallet and keys into a river to support his claims.
Vagnini was charged with reckless driving, evading responsibility and driving under the influence.
She’s a Spitter
Woman asked to go to jail then resisted
Police in Delaware said a woman who asked to be taken to jail wound up charged with resisting arrest for trying to fight with state troopers.
The Delaware State Police said they responded to a complaint at the Super Lodge Motel in Newcastle and the troopers were approached by Teiera Rider, 20, who they said was "demanding" to be taken to jail.
Troopers said Rider refused their requests for her to calm down and she is accused of kicking and spitting at them as they placed her under arrest.
Rider was charged with resisting arrest, offensive touching of law-enforcement officers, criminal mischief, underage drinking and disorderly conduct.
Police said Rider may have requested to be arrested due to a bench warrant for her arrest stemming from Rider allegedly spitting on a Wilmington, Del., police officer at the scene of a car crash.
Anti-crime equipment was stolen from car
A Florida anti-crime program said a black carry-on luggage bag containing $700 worth of presentation materials was stolen from a worker's car.
Larry Lawton, founder of the anti-crime group Reality Check, said an unidentified thief took the bag, containing a $600 projector and $100 speakers, from the car of program assistant Erica Clydesdale while it was parked overnight at her Palm Bay home.
Lawton said the bag also contained other materials for the program's classes.
"What were in that package is articles about people in prison. Its letters from people that are in prison," Lawton said. "It's letters from people who have gotten killed in prison."
Man walking from S.C. to D.C. for USO
A South Carolina man walking more than 500 miles to Washington to benefit the USO says "the heat is the hardest part" of the journey.
Leonard Pitts, who arrived Saturday in Charlotte, N.C., after starting his journey in Clinton, S.C., said he planned to take a day off from walking and hoped to meet with Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx.
Pitts said he is accepting pledges during his walk, planned to last 24 days, to raise funds for the USO, an organization supporting members of the U.S. military.
The journey is being documented on Pitts' Web site, www.lpitts.com

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