Monday, December 22, 2008

Who Loves Bacon

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You said it, so we created it !
Stop Swearing – Start Driving
Too often motorists find themselves stranded in their driveway in the morning cold, late for work and totally frustrated that their car won’t start.
Just in time for Christmas, ‘Start Ya Bastard’ engine starter has hit stores and promises to be a big seller for Australian company Nulon
Man VS Car


It takes just one sign

What do you think......

Unless you're GAY

Coming to your neighborhood

500,000 Vietnamese DONGS = 30 US


Hangover Helpers

What do you do when you had too many of your favorite drinks?
Gatorade and Alka-Seltzer Plus works every time.
Drink the Alka-Seltzer Plus first.
That takes care of your headache and the carbonation settles your stomach.
Then drink the Gatorade.
That will help re-hydrate your body.
20 minutes later you'll still feel tired but much better.
Works every time.

Different Door Designs

When work deadlines are pressing and the Do Not Disturb sign simply isn’t getting the message across, you can ensure yourself that people cannot burst in on you - by removing the door handle.

The Disappearing Doorknob lives up to its name when you pull on your side of the handle (thankfully, the designers recognized the potential for mischief and made it work in just the one direction).

What happens in life when you.....

.....didn’t pay attention to SPELLING in grade school